Name Cal
Gender Male
Age Varies due to Time Travel
Species Hologram
Occupation Assistant
Relatives Darren Changeling (owner)
Introduced In "The Night Shift"
Latest Appearance "Royals"

Cal is Darren's holographic assistant that came pre-installed with his Holocube.


Cal is transparent but with a cyan tint. He has short-ish har and wears a light-blue tank top and gym shorts, but never any shoes. He has the appearance of a male in his late teens or early twenties. He is a little taller than Darren. According to ACat, his appearance can be changed at the command of his owner.


Cal can control the Holocube and navigate through its applications, meaning that he is highly intelligent. He can also create and summon holographic objects out of it that can be used by Darren. He can levitate as well, though he often prefers not to. Cal also has the ability to do things on his own and have his own personality and opinion on things due to being an interface that was given a living soul. With these abilities combined, Cal can pretty much do anything.



Darren is Cal's owner and obeys him (most of the time). Though the two are life-long friends, they sometimes quarrel. Cal can occasionally be rude to him.

Finn and JakeEdit

Cal is friends with Finn and Jake and helped trace the signal that led to their rescue in "The Night Shift".

Queen ChangelingEdit

Cal is very respectful to the Queen and forced his way out of the Holocube in "Royals" without Darren's permission just so he could greet her and bow humbly.

Episode appearancesEdit





  • He might be friends with Lee.
  • ACat has a spin-off series titled Adventure Time with Darren & Cal planned that will feature him as the deuteragonist. It will start production after "The Tale of Prince Changeling", an upcoming episode.

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