The following is a list of all episodes created by CamDog and ACat.

Season OneEdit

This season features the premier of CamDog and ACat's episodes of Adventure Time, "The Great Mushroom War Part I". It also features more Fionna and Cake, the introduction of recurring character Luna Abadeer and the royal family of the Lake Kingdom (and their maid), and the revival of Simon (Ice King) and Betty (Maja). It also featured minor characters like the Vampire King.


Season TwoEdit

This season features the first-ever crossover between Adventure Time and Regular Show, the introduction of main character Tai, recurring characters Lola, Lucas, and Marshall Abadeer, the Wut-Wut High alternate selves, and the Trusselan kids, the denouncement of Lake Princess's royalty, the first-ever six-part episode, and the eternal destruction of the Lich.


Season ThreeEdit

This season is the current season of CamDog and ACat's episodes. So far, it has featured the birth of Simon and Betty's child, Matthew Petrikov, Tai's travels outside of Ooo, the introduction of recurring villain Hatrick Patrick and recurring protagonists Darren Changeling and Cal, and the first major role of Quintel, a Lake Person.

Released EpisodesEdit

Upcoming EpisodesEdit

  • "A Day in the Life"
  • "Lost"
  • "Sweet Reunion"
  • "Reboot"/"Adventurers and Warriors"/"The Tale of Prince Changeling"
  • "Adventure Tim"
  • "Potion Masters"
  • "Cal's New Owner"
  • "Road to Nowhere"
  • "Dye Dye Dye"
  • "The Prism Key"
  • "Warriors of Ooo"
  • "Holo-Con"
  • "Blab Drabbles"
  • "Solar Eclipse"
  • "Lunar Eclipse"
  • "The Land of Iii"
  • "The Pickmen"
  • "Extra" (mini-sode)

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