"Candy Kingdom's Backup"
Season 3, Episode 8
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Crystal Clash"
"Warriors of Nature"

Candy Kingdom's Backup is the eight episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


When Finn and Jake go on vacation, Cinnamon Bun forms a team of heroes to protect Ooo.


Finn and Jake are at the Candy Castle talking to Princess Bubblegum that they will be leaving to Tropical Kingdom for a vacation and ask if she can handle things on her own her. PB says she will and waves the heroes goodbye. Cinnamon Bun overhears the conversation and thinks that a beta team of heroes must be made to protect the Candy Kingdom.

After some time Cinnamon Bun collected Peppermint Butler, Starchy, Mr. Cupcake and Takoyaki for his team. He says that Princess Bubblegum has asked him to make a strong team to protect Ooo. Peppermint Butler questions Cinnamon Bun and wants to leave. Cinnamon Bun says to Peps that he can use his dark spells while in his team which convinces him to stay.

He adresses his team members. Starchy, the chemist. Mr. Cupcake, the monk. Takoyaki, the thief. Peppermint Butler, the black mage and himself as the brains. Manfried then lowers from the ceiling and announces that there is some havoc at the main square in the town. Cinnamon Bun then shouts; ADVENTURE TIME! and runs out of the castle.

When they arrive at the main square they see all kind of Candy People standing in a circle around something. Cinnamon Bun goes to the scene and sees a leaf with some chocolate on it. He then asks if anyone gots more chocolate for the leaf. Peppermint Butler then grabs the leaf out of his hands and examines it. He concludes that it is from Chocoberry. People around are shocked. Takoyaki, Starchy and Mr. Cupcake then say everyone to go back to what they were doing. Starchy then shoutes and says he found a dragging trail which on some places has a bit chocolate sauce. The heroes begin to follow the trail.

They eventually end up in front of an abandoned warehouse. The five enter it and see Chocoberry tied up in the middle of the room under a spotlight. They want to save her when suddenly Candy Person #24 appears next to Chocoberry to the surprise of the five. Candy Person #24 calls Stacky Panic who then seperates himself in four pancakes and starts to attack the heroes. Starchy slams with his shovel, Peppermint Butler traps him in an illusion, Mr. Cupcake slams hard with his fists and Takoyaki touches the weak points of his body. Cinnamon Bun then barges into Candy Person #24 which sends him flying.

After they defeated Candy Person #24 and Stacky Panic they save Chocoberry and escape from the warehouse which explodes just as they leave it. They return to the Candy Castle where they give Chocoberry to Bubblegum again who thanks them. PB then says she thinks Cinnamon Bun is so heroic and smart and kisses him on his mouth. Finn and Jake then enter the castle because they heard of Cinnamon Bun's heroic job and Finn gives him his sword out of respect. Cinnamon Bun is overjoyed and PB motions him to take the throne which he then goes and sit on.

Cinnamon Bun then snaps out of his mind and goes to Princess Bubblegum and asks if he can protect the Candy Kingdom. PB laughs and says that she will make a sandwich for him. Cinnamon Bun shrugs his shoulders and follows PB.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Peppermint Butler
  • Starchy
  • Mr. Cupcake
  • Takoyaki
  • Chocoberry
  • Candy Person #24

Minor CharactersEdit


  • Snail appears amongst the crowd that look at Chocoberrys leaf.
  • Candy Person #24's name isn't revealed in this episode and they refer him by this name, which is weird as he is the main villain of the episode.
  • How Cinnamon Bun adresses his team are titles from jobs that appear in Final Fantasy.

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