Cinnamon Bun
Name Cinnamon Bun
Gender Male
Age Around 30
Species Candy Person
Occupation Former Royal Tart Toter
Flame Princess's Servant
Introduced In "Slumber Party Panic"
Latest Appearance "We Fixed a Truck"
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Cinnamon Bun is one of the Candy People. He has a very short attention span and does not think clearly, but seems to have gained unrestricted access to the Candy Castle. He seems to be very oblivious and never affected by magic or science, but Peppermint Butler once used his body to comunicate with demons. He also resembles an old man as of his voice and mouth wrinkles. He has a mouth on his chest which is where he swallows his food. Cinnamon Bun used to reside in the Candy Kingdom, but after talking to Flame Princess about Princess Bubblegum's bad behavior, the two overthrew Flame King and took over the Fire Kingdom.

Episode appearancesEdit

He first appeared (with green eyes) in "Slumber Party Panic" in the crowd of candy people.

In the episode "The Enchiridion!," he is shown to be very clumsy as he attempts to do a backflip and stumbles backwards and crashes into a tall tower with Princess Bubblegum in it. In this episode, Cinnamon Bun has green eyes, but in all future episodes, his eyes are black and similar to Jake's. Cinnamon Bun has a very nasally voice and is possibly not very highly regarded in the Candy Kingdom.

In the episode "What Have You Done?," Cinnamon Bun was shown as one of the victims of the Freezer Burn Flu.

Cinnamon Bun also makes an appearance in "Power Animal," where he tells Jake that he can't focus on anything. Jake tries to prove him wrong, but fails. Instead, Jake saves Finn by being an "unfocused, rowdy party-dog" and makes the suggestion of eating Cinnamon Bun, but they never do.

In "The Other Tarts," he was originally offered to be the bringer of the Royal tarts to the Back-Rubbing Ceremony, but Princess Bubblegum could not trust him due to his erratic behavior, referring to him as "half-baked." Finn decides to use Cinnamon Bun anyway, giving him what he thought were decoy tarts to take along the tart path to the ceremony while he and Jake took what he believed to be the real tarts through a dangerous path called the Desert of Doom. Ultimately, it was Cinnamon Bun who had the royal tarts which were transported safely while Finn took the paralyzed tarts that were stolen by various thieves and monsters.

Cinnamon Bun again appears in "Conquest of Cuteness." He is in Finn and Jake's army to be defeated by the Cuties, along with Lumpy Space Princess, BMO, and an unnamed duck. When Finn squirts ketchup on him as fake blood he starts to lick it off of his face, but pretends to be dead like the others in the end.

Cinnamon Bun appears very briefly in "Too Young." He is fooling around on a swing inside Princess Bubblegum's Castle and falls. The Earl of Lemongrab arrives in the castle and commands that the castle be cleaned up, or they will be thrown in the dungeon.

In "Fionna and Cake," there is a genderswapped version of Cinnamon Bun wearing a green dress and talking to Prince Gumball at his ball.

In "The Creeps," Cinnamon Bun is invited to the spooky party and instructed to use the name Guy Farting. He was dressed in an emerald green suit, bow tie, top hat, a pink and magenta striped shirt, a large black mustache, and a monocle. A note from the party's host was taped to his back. He revealed that he may have a crush on Lumpy Space Princess, saying "Now's my chance" after finding out that her and Brad broke up. He was also the first guest to be killed.

Cinnamon Bun is the first Candy Person to become a zombie in "From Bad to Worse."

Cinnamon Bun was in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II" very briefly. He was sitting on the floor and wearing a blue sweater, scarf, and gloves.

In the episode "Five Short Graybles," Princess Bubblegum fed him the perfect sandwich, though he did not taste it, and he spewed most of it out of his stomach.

In "Dream of Love," he helps Princess Bubblegum to carry the keyboard and said to the Candy People that the event was over, showing a more aggressive side.

He is one of the Candy People who is disappointed with Finn's hugging in "Hug Wolf." He is the first known victim of Finn and the one who let Finn escape from his cell.

In the episode "Goliad," he was one of the components for Bubblegum's substitute, Goliad, the candy sphinx. After being dumped into the mixture, Cinnamon Bun quickly climbed out and walked away.

Cinnamon Bun is seen in "Davey," while Finn (disguised like Davey) has a tour around the Candy Kingdom.

At the beginning of "All Your Fault," Cinnamon Bun is seen having a dress-up play with Jake (with Jake being dressed up like a woman, a bow on his head). However, the game is interrupted by Finn and Jake's new task. While they're leaving, Cinnamon Bun waves with a napkin (similarly to how women wave farewell in older movies) and yells, "Goodbye, girlfriend!"

Cinnamon Bun is a major character in the episode "Another Five More Short Graybles." Princess Bubblegum is seen confiscating his night light, telling him that he is "practically 30" and that he's too old to sleep with a night light. After she exits from his house, Cinnamon Bun turns on his lamp, but breaks it, because it is too bright, but screams that it is now too dark, a fire starts, and Cinnamon Bun relaxes, saying that it is now fine. Once the Banana Guards extinguish the fire from Cinnamon Bun's house, he runs away, because it is too dark again. Cinnamon Bun manages to run far into the land, which is too dark, but when he reaches a castle, he exclaims that it is too bright, before being hit by a lemon by Lemongrab 2. He is seen again bursting through Mr. Fox's home, he rips off Mr. Fox's light source because it is bright, but it turns dark, so he breaks through the house's wall. While Finn and Jake are about to test their time machine, BMO's siren goes off, pointing at Cinnamon Bun trying to take a Jake-shaped night-light, Jake Jr. turns the siren off, and asks why Cinnamon Bun is trying to steal the night-light, Cinnamon Bun replies to her that it is because he is scared. Jake Jr. tells Cinnamon Bun that he can't steal, but gives him the night-light instead. Cinnamon Bun runs away from the house, shouting: "Take that, Princess Bubblegum!"

In "Sky Witch," Cinnamon Bun reveals himself as the only one who can withstand a sleep drug Princess Bubblegum implanted into a Gumball Guardian, something not even Finn & Jake could handle.

In "Earth & Water," Cinnamon Bun has a cone on his head and his skin is a pale blue color(as of flame shield). As of this episode, Cinnamon Bun lives in the Fire Kingdom with Flame Princess.

In "We Fixed A Truck," Cinnamon Bun briefly returns to the Candy Kingdom and is part of the crowd chasing down the lizard masquerading as Princess Bubblegum.

Episodes featuredEdit

Major appearancesEdit

  • "The Other Tarts"
  • "The Creeps"
  • "From Bad to Worse"
  • "Hug Wolf"
  • "Another Five More Short Graybles"
  • "Earth & Water"

Minor appearancesEdit

  • "Slumber Party Panic"
  • "The Enchiridion!"
  • "What Have You Done?"
  • "Power Animal"
  • "Video Makers"
  • "Conquest of Cuteness"
  • "Too Young"
  • "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II"
  • "Five Short Graybles"
  • "Dream of Love"
  • "Goliad"
  • "You Made Me"
  • "Five More Short Graybles"
  • "Davey"
  • "All Your Fault"
  • "The Suitor"
  • "Sky Witch"
  • "We Fixed a Truck"


  • In "The Creeps," Cinnamon Bun goes by "Guy Farting." It is also the only episode in which he wears clothes.
  • It is revealed in "Five Short Graybles" that Cinnamon Bun can eat food by shoving it directly into his body.
  • Cinnamon Bun seems to change his personality in certain episodes, as he was seen stupid in most of his appearances, somehow wise in "Power Animal," and purposeful in "Dream of Love."
  • He seems to have a short temper because he sometimes snaps at people.
  • In "The Enchiridion!" his voice has a higher pitch than in future episodes. Also, his eyes have green pupils, unlike in the other episodes his eyes are fully black. This may because he had injured himself in the head in the episode.
  • Cinnamon Bun is the hero of the game "One Sweet Roll"
  • Cinnamon Bun is immune to sleep gas.
  • Cinnamon Bun is really bad at following directions as observed in "Hug Wolf" and "Earth & Water".


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