"Data Crash"
Season 3, Episode 14
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Play With Me"
"Steampunk Time"

Data Crash is the fourteenth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Lees energy is weakning, so Finn and Jake go into Lee to find the cause.


Lee comes over to play video games with Finn and Jake on BMO. While they are playing Jake notices that Lee seems a bit off, as he doesn't play very good which is weird. Jake then gives the concentrated Finn a pound and motions to Lee . Finn doesn't know what Jake means until Lee suddenly loses conscious. Finn and Jake wake Lee up and ask him if there is something wrong.

Lee explains that he isn't feeling very well since yesterday and that he feels really cold. Finn then suggest that he and Jake go inside of his body to find out what is happening inside of him. Lee agrees and closes his eyes. Finn and Jake look at each other, not understanding the situation, when they suddenly are zapped into Lee's bowls.

When there Finn and Jake see that the whole place is filled with frozen bits. Finn thinks that they are the reason of Lee's illness. Finn grabs his sword and slashes one of the Icebits in half, and comments they aren't that strong. Finn and Jake then have fun with killing all of the icebits. Finn then shouts they need a way to get out of the bowls. Lee hears them and then materializes a little UFO-like ship in the bowls. Lee then says that they could use that for transportation. Finn and Jake hop in and fly out of the bowls. They cross several organs while Finn is slaying some Icebits and Jake is driving.

Jake says that those Icebits must've come from somewhere or someone. He afterwards says where someone hide inside of someone's body. Finn says he doesn't know. Jake then says to think. Finn then suddenly comes to the realization that it might is in the brains, because Jake said think. The two then fly towards the brains. However when they arrive there they see a motherboard instead of a brain. There they suddenly see Ice King playing with several Icebits.

Finn shouts out to Ice King, blaming him for Lee being broken. Ice King then says that he only wants to play with Finn and Jake, but Finn says that this is not the way to do that, so he must be beaten. Ice King and the Icebyte begin to fight against Finn and Jake. Lee notices that they are fighting in his brain, and fired a laser beam from his inside brain towards the Icebits. With Lee's help they eventually beat Ice King and take him with them outside of Lee.

When back in the Tree Fort they kick Ice King out, who then sad walks away, and the friends continue playing a game on BMO.


Main CharactersEdit

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  • Icebit is just a frozen bit. Seeing as bits are 1 and 0 and that they are frozen in the episode makes them icebits.
    • They call their species Icebyte because a byte is actually 8 bits in a row. And they're frozen now.
  • Snail is seen inscripted in the motherboard of Lee.

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