"Discovering Unknown Lands"
Season 2, Episode 15
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"And Your Wish Is?"
"You're So Hot"

"Discovering Unknown Lands" is the sixeenth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Marceline and Finn go to the Unknown Lands, but Finn doesn't know it's a trap.


Finn and Jake are just chilling in front of the Tree Fort, talking about the enemy they just had defeated. Jake then says he is going to get some food from the Tree Fort and will be back in a few minutes. When Jake is inside Marceline comes and says that Princess Bubblegum has gone missing and she thinks Dark Princess is behind it. The two go to the Unknown Lands. Upon arrival at the Unknown Lands they are strolling around until they found the castle of Dark Princess. Underway the two talked about their relationship, Finn showed a picture of Flame Princess and Marceline says she doesn't want to date anyone. When they enter the castle the doors behind them immediately close. Finn walks further when he suddenly notices Marceline is gone, he looks around only to stumble into Dark Princess which made him startle.

Finn aks where Marceline is. Dark Princess laughs and says that Marceline is in a cage, as she lowers the cage with an unconsious Marceline  in it. Finn then draws his sword to fight Dark Princess. He slashes DP who then falls on the ground and starts to cry. Finn lowers his sword and heads over to her to ask if she's okay. Dark Princess says that she isn't, she says that she only wants someone to love. Finn falls for her trick and sheaths his sword again. He lifts up DP and places her on her throne. He asks if there is anything he can do, and DP  says that she would like it if he gives some food to Marceline and gives Finn some Garlic Bread. Finn, not knowing that vampires can't eat garlic, wakes Marceline up and hands her the garlic bread. Marceline is confused and asks why he is doing so weird. Finn says he is just acting normal, causing DP to chuckle. Finn insists that she eats the bread else she will starve from the hunger.

At that moment the door gets destroyed and Jake walks in, making his fist small again. Behind him is PB. PB flies, with a jet-pack, over to Dark Princess and tries to attack her, Jake on the other hand grabs Finn before he was able to give the garlic bread. Finn is angry at Jake but Jake slaps in Finn's face to make him act normal again. Finn suddenly realizes what has happened, so Jake releases him. Finn joins PB in her fight against Dark Princess when suddenly Dark Wolf comes and attacks Finn. Jake heads to Marceline with his key-hand. But Jake then sees there isn't even a lock. Marceline looks around and sees a scroll on the table and asks Jake to get it. Jake hands it over and Marceline reads. She says that there are vampire abilities listed here that she was training, but DP stole them. She finds the mist ability and uses it. She turns into mist and appears next to the cage.

Meanwhile PB and Finn are having a hard time fighting Dark Princess and her Dark Wolf. Jake and Marceline then join the brawl and now fighting with four they gain the upper hand. Dark Princess sees it becomes too dangerous so she opens a dark portal underneath the heroes where they fall through. Finn, Jake, PB and Marceline then fall out of the portal at the bordor of the Unknown Lands. PB says that she is happy to be out of there, but they should be alert for future attacks of her. Finn then suggests to get a milkshake, and the rest agree.


Main CharactersEdit

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  • Snail is seen as part of the description of the vampire scroll.

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