"Finnator (episode)"
Season 3, Episode 19
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Sweet Dreams"
"My Girl and her Cat"

Finnator is the nineteenth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Princess Bubblegum's replacement Finn is activated and became crazy.


Princess Bubblegum was working on an experiment, a special android that could replace Finn when he was away. For the last part she needed Finn to sit in a chair and put on a helmet that would link his abilities to those of the Finndroid. When Finn and Jake came they did as PB asked and Finn's abilities now also were in the android. The android was put in storage and everyone went to their homes to sleep.

Finn was called up in the night by PB. Finn asked what was wrong and PB said that the android was activated and gone completely insane. Finn hung up the phone saying he will be there in a minute. He woke Jake up and quickly dressed himself. Jake then brought Finn to the Candy Kingdom. From afar they already could see explosions and fire out of the kingdom.

When they arrived they saw the android destroying the town. It yelled out that he was the Finnator. Mr. Cupcake approached Finn and Jake saying that he tried to fight him but he was as strong as Finn. He responded that he might be as strong as him, but Jake also is here making twice as strong. Jake then corrected saying that with Jake Finn was thrice as strong.

Mr. Cupcake was thrown away by the Finnator who then tried to attack Finn, but that attack was blocked by Finn. They strugled to get the upper hand until Jake punched Finnator away. Finnator stood up and ran towards the Candy Castle. Finn and Jake followed him and entered the castle. There they found PB lying on the ground unconscious. Jake picked her up and said Finn to find Finnator. Finn nodded and continued.

PB woke up in a bed made out of Jake. PB asked what happened and Jake explained that Finnator had knocked her unconscious. PB sat straight up and looked alarmed. Jake asked what was wrong. PB said that Finnator was going to diguise himself as Finn so that all the blame is on him. But for that he needed a hair of Finn to be put into the RDM. Jake askes what that is and PB said it was short for Realistic Diguise Machine. Jake and PB then hurried up to the room where the device was located. However when they entered they saw two Finn's fighting who looked and seemed exactly the same.

PB said they already were too late. Jake then commented that they should recognize Finn by his way of acting and speech. However PB said that she made also extracted some of Finn's traits to Finnator but kept those behind a safe inside of Finnator. However at this moment that safe is unlocked.

Jake then grabbed both Finn's with his giant hands and held them close to him. He said he was going to do a quiz with questions that only Finn would know. However PB said that was useless. Jake shushed her and continued. He first asked with who Finn is in love with, on which they both answered Flame Princess. The second question was what his favorite color was on which they both replied blue. Jake had to think and then asked what his own favorite breakfast was. Finnator replied pancakes while the real Finn answered bacon pancakes. Jake nodded and crushed Finnator in the palm of his hand.

PB said that she spent a whole month of working on nothing. She then said that she'll just have to trust on Finn saving the kingdom when it is in trouble. Finn answered he will always protect the good.


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  • Snail is seen in the window when Finn gets a call from Princess Bubblegum.

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