"Five Old Graybles"
Season 3, Episode 02
Director: ACat
Story: ACat
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Call the Midwife"
"The Night Shift"

"Five Old Graybles" is the second episode in the third season of CamDog and ACat's episodes. It is the fifty-fourth episode overall.



Cuber is back, feeling a bit more nostalgic than usual, and has decided to use slightly older events for his riddle.

A (starring Finn, Jake, and Jermaine)Edit

Finn, Jake, and Jermaine find a new word in the dictionary, "adventure", and set out to discover what it means.

B (starring Lake Princess)Edit

Lake King enters his daughter in the annual Lake Kingdom Beauty Pageant for the first time.

C (starring Princess Bubblegum and Marceline)Edit

When her house his destroyed by a volcano, Marceline moves into the Candy Castle with Princess Bubblegum.

D (starring Tai)Edit

Young Tai Trusselan tests his bravery by entering the Dangerous Daredevil Showdown that is hosted every year in the jungle he lives in.

E (starring Ice King)Edit

Ice King decides that he wants to kidnap and marry Elf Princess.






  • Margaret
  • BMO (cameo)
  • Lake People
  • Gargelle
  • Gumball Guardians
  • Candy People
  • Banana Guards
  • Tai's Father
  • Jungle People
  • Elf People
  • Snail


  • This episode takes place ten years before the current CamDog and ACat episodes. It was originally called "10 Years Ago" and was not a Graybles episode.
  • BMO can be seen wandering in the background of the first grayble, looking the same as he did in the "Be More" title card.
  • The Elf Princess and Elf King in this episode might be related to Elf Prince, an OC created by DKH.
  • The theme of this episode is the first five letters of the alphabet. Finn, Jake, and Jermaine went on an Adventure. Lake Princess was in a Beauty pageant. Marceline moved into the Candy Castle. Tai participated in the Dangerous Daredevil Showdown. Ice King went after the Elf Princess.

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