Frank von Steindengard
Frank von Steinengard
Name Frank von Steindengard
Gender Male
Age 7 Days
Species Candy Person
Occupation Experiment
Relatives Princess Bubblegum (creator)
Introduced In Fierce Date

Frank von Steinengard was first introduced in Fierce Date. He was the "date" of Princess Bubblegum while they were eating dinner at the Candy Restaurant. But in reality he is a Candy Person and an experiment of Princess Bubblegum, and also the first one to work. Princess Bubblegum took him into the society to test him, but Frank begins to flirt with Princess Bubblegum because he sees people around him doing that too.


Frank's body is like a conjoined piece of candy corn. A large piece turned upside down is his body, and at the edge of that facing upwards is the candy corn that is his face. He has a black flat hair on his head, similiar to the Monster of Frankenstein. He is very muscular, he has one tooth that sticks out and two gears stuck in his head.


  • Frank von Steinengard is obviously a parody of the Monster of Frankenstein, only he doesn't act like him.