Season 1, Episode 20
Production code: 1011-51
Airdate: March 27
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Sewer War"
"Return of the Tiny Cat"

"Homeless" is the episode twentieth of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Gene mansion was destroyed by the Goblintrollninjaghostthing and moves into the Tree Fort, to Princess Bubblegum's dismay, but Finn attempts that the two begin to like each other.


It was early in the morning when Finn and Jake woke up because someone knocked on their door. They opened it and saw Gene standing in front of them and asked what was wrong. Gene said that something terrifying wrecked his house and he couldn't live there anymore. Finn and Jake agreed that he could stay with them. During his stay Gene showed some of his weird behavior, he would often leave his clothes on the floor, which irritated BMO, he drunk and ate out of the package and let strangers inside of the house.

But those things didn't seem to irritate Finn and Jake very much, but Princess Bubblegum did find out about Gene's stay at their house and she knew his weird behavior. She tried to convince Finn to let Gene reside somewhere else and Finn found it weird she didn't like Gene. Finn talked with Gene about PB and Gene only called her anti-fun. Finn then decided to arrange a date for them so they could become friends.

The next day Finn and Jake tricked the two into coming to the restaurant so they could chat. At first Gene and PB  wouldn't talk to each other and just waited for the food to arrive. Finn and Jake watched it and thought up something. They saw LSP who wanted to enter the restaurant and asked her to ask PB something about science. LSP then asked PB how her science project was doing and PB said it was going well, LSP then bought a cake and left. Afterwards Gene showed his interest in science and began to talk with PB about it, though Finn and Jake didn't get any of it.

PB and Gene became friends when suddenly Ice King barged into the restaurant and tried to kidnapp PB. Finn wanted to stop him but Jake said to wait. Gene then stood up and fought Ice King with his spells. Eventually Gene managed to shoot IK's crown off. Ice King grabbed his crown and departed. PB thanked him and they continued their conversation.

When Gene was back at the Tree Fort he said it was fun with PB. Jake then asked when he was going to go back home, but Gene said he was scared of that thing he said not to exist. Finn offered then to slay the monster. The three went to Gene's mansion and fought the Goblintrollninjaghostthing and defeated it. Gene thanked them but said he had to stay with them for some time, but comforted them when he said he will go back when his mansion is restored.


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  • The dinner of Princess Bubblegum and Gene is in the same resaurant where Fierce Date took place.
  • Snail is seen in LSP's bag with food.