Lake People
Lake Princess Outfit 1
Lake Princess (now known as Attie), a well-known Lake Person
Name Lake People
Ruler Lake King (co-ruler)

Lake Queen (co-ruler)

Reside in Lake Kingdom
Species Water Elementals
Known characters Lake Prince

Lake King

Lake Queen




Introduced in "Flame Prince"
Latest appearance "Summer Day"

Lake People are a subspecies of water elementals that reside in the Lake Kingdom.


Lake People all have blue, water-like hair and pale turquoise skin. Quintel has slightly darker hair because he was in jail for so long that his hair got dirty and darkened. It is unclear exactly what their ears look like since Lake Prince has normal ears and Lake Queen has pointy ones. Most Lake People (besides criminals) where blue though some, like Attie, prefer other colors. Much like in the Fire Kingdom, those who are royal wear special gems to signify their royalty. Additionally, those who have astigmatisms where corrective lenses, either contacts or glasses.


Lake People live like most people in Ooo do. Their government seems to be that of an absolute monarchy. They reside in a lake near the Goblin Kingdom and Simon and Betty's house. The latter is considered part of their kingdom. Under the lake, the common people reside in a simple town with shops and cottages and such. The royal family, Lake King, Lake Queen, and (formerly) Lake Princess, live in a Medieval-style castle complete with suits of armor and a dungeon that was seen in "Quintel the Quick". Their overall lifestyle resembles that of the Middle Ages.

Episode appearancesEdit

Major (episodes where at least one Lake Person has a major role)Edit

Minor (episodes where at least one Lake Person appears but does not play a major role)Edit

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