Lee Martins
Lee Martins
Name Lee Martins
Gender Male
Age  ???
Species Presumed Human
Occupation Mage/Alchemist
Relatives None
Introduced In BMO Classic Collection
Latest Appearance Data Crash
Voiced by Sam Marin

Lee is a recurring (later main) character in DKH's Episodes and plays a major role in Adventure Time: Mirai Nikki . He is one of Finn and Jake's friends.



He has brown shoulder length hair. He wears a tattered white shirt with ripped green pants. He appears to be bare foot, apart from a ripped sock on his left foot.

He has thin limbs, and dotted eyes.

Personallity and character traitsEdit

Lee is quite serious, and highly intelligent. He sometimes aids Finn and Jake in their quests and creates them useful potions.



Lee is a programming expert and can easily hack systems and alter things inside. His knowledge of technique goes beyond programming as he also is able to create robots himself, with the provided material, and also go into their systems. His weapons are a good tool to get into enemy robots systems. Rumors say he also is able to create an AI but that has yet to be seen.


Lee is wields a staff, like most wizards. He also has the ability to shoot out fire from his hands.

Disguises and Alternate FormsEdit


Lee gets possessed by Kuk on Rage Quit.


Leonard Arabian

Thief Lee

Lee makes a brief cameo on "1001 Years", when he takes the form of a thief.

Episode AppearancesEdit




  • Lee has a genderswapped counterpart, Loren, in Ice King's fanfiction.
  • Although he works as the alchemist, he is more powerful and intelligent than Princess Bubblegum.
  • Lee could possibly be friends with Cal.
  • His appearance is a reminiscent redesign to his 'BuritoMan' design.
  • He is the Grand Master Wizard's son.
  • In the upcoming series Skyrim Adventures, His original hologram (now human) design is used for The Dragonborn. He is also called 'Lee'.