"Life of Pain"
Season 3, Episode 23
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Emit Erutnevda"
"Rage Quit"

Life of Pain is the twenthy third episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Ice King doesn't like his live and doesn't want to live anymore. Death has a talk with him about how much the world will change if he did not exist.


After another defeat Ice King has given up and says he doesn't want to do it anymore. Gunter then walks to him to play with him, but Ice King says he wants to be gone from this world, as it might be better if he never existed. Suddenly he finds himself out of his body next to Death. Ice King says that it was about time, but Death says that he wants to show Ice King a few things before making the final decision.

Death brings them to the Tree Fort of Finn and Jake, the place where Marceline currently lives in with Ash. Ice King asks where Finn and Jake are. Death says that this is a Finn-less Universe, as he didn't save Finn when he was a little boy, resulted in him never existing in this time. Ice King asks about Jake, and Death says that he is living with Lady Rainicorn and the kids. Death shows it to him by teleporting to Lady's barn.

Ice King then says that everyone seems happy though. Death nods and says that Marceline and Ash are constantly fighting because Marceline spent most of her childhood alone on Earth because Ice King didn't find her. And she still hates Bubblegum because Finn wasn't around to fix that. Ice King then asks if she is alright and wants to go to the Candy Kingdom.

Once there the place seems very different. Ice King looks around and sees that the people in the town are acting like slaves. He asks what happened to the caring sweet ruler. Death then shows the inside of the castle which reveals Princess Cookie on the throne. Ice King asks where PB is but Death says that he took her soul a long time ago in this timeline, and that her soul is now living with Peppermint Butler in the Land of Death.

Ice King then asks if there still is an Ice Kingdom. Death teleports them to the place where the Ice Kingdom should be but instead is a colony of the Fire Kingdom which now is the largest kingdom in Ooo. Flame Princess never got freed by Finn and still spends her days in the lamp. Fire King wasn't defeat by Flame Princess as result of Ice King's battle with her. Because of that he took over many regions of the kingdom. Ice King asks if even Wildberry Princess is gone and Death nods.

Ice King then asks what happened to his friend Abracadaniel. Death and Ice King suddenly are in Lumpy Space Kingdom where he sees that Abracadaniel transformed into a Lumpy Space Person and was dating LSP. Ice King's eyes burned and commanded Death to bring him away from here.

Ice King then asks what happened to his genie pal Jason. Death showed that Jason was mentally unstable and locked himself up in the Taffy Tower to protect it from Magic Man. He never got to trust anyone more, resulting in this behavior. However Magic Man gets beaten every time.

Ice King had enough and says he made his choice to stay and live, as he has realized he made this world much better. Death said he would return him but he will forget about what happened here. Ice King told that he probably doesn't remember it after a few minutes. Death waves goodbye and Ice King is back in his chair where Gunter is waiting for his bottle, which Ice King gives with a smile.


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  • Snail is seen on the ground before Abracadaniel and LSP kiss.
  • Earl of Lemongrab has become the royal guard of Princess Cookie.
  • A similar episode appears in season 4, which is set in an alternate timeline only without Finn.

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