"Lost Memory"
Season 2, Episode 11
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"The Golden Harp"

"Lost Memory" is the eleventh episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Ice King is in his study and reads about his past when suddenly someone arrives.


Ice King is searching around in his study to look for lyrics he can use to compose new songs. He then trips over a large pile of papers and grabs some, but begins to read out of it. It was a newspaper about Simon after discovering the Enchiridion. Ice King is confused and continues to read and finds out he made the Enchiridion. Suddenly the door bell rings and Ice King asks Gunter to look who it is, seconds later he returns along with Marceline, to Ice King's suprise. He then asks Gunter to get some drinks for them.

Marceline asks what he is doing in here, and Ice King answers that he wanted to compose some songs but eventually began reading about his past. Marceline asks why he keeps forgetting about his past, although he has al these documents about himself. Ice King looks down and has nothing to say until Gunter walks in with the drinks and he thanks him. Gunter leaves again. Marceline collects some papers and shows it to him, he shows him pictures of him with Betty, and with his family. Marceline tells that a long time ago, before the Great Mushroom War, he found the crown that made him lose his memory but made him immortal. But because of that he lost the people he loved, but remembers Marceline in some way, although not from the past. Ice King suddenly says that Betty was his princess.

Marceline looks shocked and asks if that is the reason he captures princesses because he wants Betty back. Ice King says he doesn't really know, but the only thing he remembers is a beautiful princess and from his documents she seems to be Betty. Marceline takes a close look at the family picture of Simon, that is ripped and only shows Simon with Betty and another couple. Marceline asks who those other two are. Ice King doesn't know, so the two start searching. Ice King eventually finds a book with the family tree in it. It says that Simon has a brother named Fabian who was married to a woman named Inngrid and were expecting a child (as they had drawn an empty box underneath it saying "unnamed nephew"). Marceline slids the picture into her pocket.

The two sit down and Marceline tells Ice King that the last moment she saw Simon was when he rescued her from her father. After bringing Marceline home, Simon fought Hunson because of the fathering Hunson did to Marcy. Marcy interferred and stopped the two, Hunson said Simon had to leave but that he was allowed to say goodbye. Simon then looked into Marcy's eyes and says that she will always have a place in his heart. But seconds after that he completely forgot who Marcy was. Hunson said it would be better to send him to the surface again. After Marceline finished her story Ice King was crying and said he wants to remember, but just simply can't. Ice King then suddenly remembers a small thing, he searches in the study and reveals Hambo. He says that someone was selling it in Wizard City and he bought it because it felt right and reminded it of Marceline. Marceline began to cry and hugged Ice King who gave her the doll. Marceline promises that she wil find a way to let Ice King remember who he was again, since he would always have a place in her heart. Marceline stands up and floats away, but at the last moment Ice King says that she still has a place in his heart too.

Marceline floats back to home and passes the Tree Fort and enters it. She asks if Finn and Jake maybe got a device to record certain things. Finn says he got a super advanced video camera from a friend when he last visited him. Jake then grabs the camera and gives it to Marceline saying that they don't do anything with it anyway. Finn asks where she is going to use it for and Marceline says she wants to bring an old friend back. Marceline gives a photo of Simon's family in exchange and flies away. Finn and Jake look at the picture and Jake mentiones that the unknown man looks a lot like him.


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  • Leonard is indirectly mentioned, but it doesn't state his first appearance which is only until season 3.
  • Snail appears in the background when Marceline enters the study with Gunter.
  • Fabian and Inngrid's names aren't said, but they were conformed as Finn's parents.