"Love Hurts"
Season 3, Episode 25
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Rage Quit"
"1001 Years"

Love Hurts is the twenthy fifth episdoe in DKH's Episodes.


Ice Princess thinks she isn't able to love someone because of her cold heart.


Ice Princess wakes up on a simple morning, she heads downstairs for breakfast and sees that Gunter already prepared something for her and continues breaking bottles. Icey starts to eat when suddenly a toasted Ice King flies through the window. Icey aks bluntly what he has done this time, on which Ice King replies that Princess Bubblegum made chilli pepper canons. Icey shakes her head and leaves the room.

She walks to a mirror and look in it, disgusted by the sight. She says that nobody will ever want to be with her if she has this weird family. She looked back and saw Gunter breaking bottles and Ice King putting out a flame on his beard. She added that she doesn't even has the device to love. She flew outside and went towards the Tree House of Finn and Jake. They were fighting each other outside so she approached them, and was friendly greeted.

Icey said she was bored and wanted to do something. Finn and Jake offer her to tag along fighting, but while doing it Jake notices something is up and asks what is wrong. Icey tells that something is missing in her life but she doesn't know what. It's something that everyone has, but something she can't feel. She doesn't even know what it is.

The boys look confused at her and ask for a more detailed explanation. Icey sighs and tells that Finn has it with FP, Jake with Lady and something her father wants so badly. Jake laughs and says that is love. Icey then says that she apparently wasn't made with love. Finn then says they should look for love and put it inside of her body.

The three go on an adventure to seek for love. Jake says that they should visit the man who knows everything about love. Finn says that he thought Jake was that person, but Jake says someone taught him that, The Love Meister. They venture to the border of the Grass Lands where they find a ruined appartment building. Inside they found themselves in an 80's themed chamber with a man, in the shape of an heart was sitting.

Icey asked if he was the Love Meister, who said he was in a deep voice. Icey said she wants love, so she can feel it too. The Love Meister asks in what type of men she is interested, but Icey looks confused and says she just wants love. And when she has that she can seek for somebody to love. The Love Meister is surprised and says he wants to examine her.

Icey stands behind an x-ray scan and LM examines her. He sees that she does not have a heart and is disappointed. He tells Icey that she will never be able to love if she aint got a heart. Icey thanks him for the effort and leaves, leaving Finn and Jake with LM. Jake asks if there really isn't a way to give her a heart, on which LM replies there might be one. But that would take his own life. Finn says he shouldn't do it if it takes his life. LM disagrees and says he doesn't want to see such a beautiful girl suffer because she is lacking a heart.

Finn and Jake bring LM to the Ice Kingdom where Ice King opens the door for them. He shows the three to Icey's room and says he is writing his fanfiction so he doesn't want to be bothered. LM approaches Icey and says she can have a heart. Icey looked surprised and asks how, but is shushed by LM. The heart-shaped man opens Icey's chest with special gloves and jumps into the gap and throws the gloves back out. Finn and Jake are shocked by what just happened but Icey suddenly begins to smile. She says she can finally feel that feeling. The feeling of happiness, love. Finn and Jake leave the room, being a little bit disturbed by what just happened. When they are gone Icey says that she will make good use of her heart and will find true love, in the name of The Love Meister.


Main CharactersEdit

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  • Snail is seen underneath the couch of The Love Meister.
  • The Love Meister has a similar appearance to Ricardio.

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