"Lurking in the Dark"
Season 1, Episode 9
Production code: 1011-30
Airdate: December 30
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"BMO Classic Collection"
"The Honeymoon"

"Lurking in the Dark" is the ninth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Marceline goes along with Finn, Jake & BMO Trick or Treating but only to scare the people and steal candy.


Finn and Jake prepare themselves for a Trick or Treating walk in the Land of Ooo on Halloween. After they got into their costume they head outdoors. They visit a few Candy People and get some candy from them but quickly get bored, except for BMO. The three arrive at Marceline's house who laughs at them for still doing Trick or Treating. She says it's for kids and that they now have to move onto their next phase, the pranking phase.

Marceline joins the three and they head outdoors to scare some people. They first decide to go to the Ice Kingdom to prank Ice King. They arrive at his mountain and see Ice King who was just heading out with his Penguins. They first hear Ice King complain about Ice Princess not coming with him but he decides to head out. When he steps outside a platform breaks off and he falls into darkness, there Marceline scares him as the boys try to "eat" him. Ice King gets really scared and flies away. The gang laughs and moves on.

They arrive at the Flame Princess's House, Finn says he doesn't want to join in on this one but Marcie, Jake and BMO do. They head inside and make it really dark which scares FP. She asks who's there when she sees light from BMO on and hears a voice (Marceline) crying, saying 'Help Me'. She heads towards it but then gets pulled by Jake's arms under her bed. FP sets everything on fire causing Marcie to flee and Jake and BMO to follow her. The three come back to Finn laughing. Finn, not amused, wants to continue.

They go through the Grass Lands and scare Hot Dog Princess by making scary voices, Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig with levitating apples and Stanley with scary faces. Marceline then suggest to crash the Halloween Party of Princess Bubblegum. They head towards the castle and shut off the lights, causing the Candy People to panic. One by one they kidnap the Candy People leaving only Princess Bubblegum alone. They bring the Candy People outside and let BMO take care that they 'attack' PB. PB, almost crying, doesn't know what to do until she hears a voice, which is Marceline. Marcie tells her that there is nothing she can do because all of her friends now hate her. Then the Candy People storm in and walk towards PB while Marceline sings her Halloween song. PB goes to the corner of the room and starts crying.

The light then turns on and everybody laughs because PB took it so real. Marceline appears and also laughs, PB first gets angry at her but calms down and also laughs. After they attend the rest of PB's party Marceline returns Finn, Jake and BMO back home. Marceline leaves while Finn and Jake lie down on the couch. Jake then comments that he does misses the candy, but BMO then comes with two big bags of candy and says that they all could snack from those.


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  • This episode was broadcasted on Halloween along with others.
  • The Snail appears inside of Hot Dog Princesses's "castle".