"Meteor Shower"
Season 3, Episode 27
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"1001 Years"
"Final Hour"

Meteor Shower is the twenty seventh episode in season 3 from DKH's Episodes.


A nemesis of Finn from the future goes to the past and plans to eliminate Finn.


Princess Bubblegum invited Finn and Jake to come to her castle so they could watch the meteor shower. It was a beautiful sight. When Jake was looking through the telescope he saw a meteor was going to land nearby. PB is excited and tells the boys to gather the stuff so they can see who's inside of it.

PB opens the meteor with her equipment and sees a princes residing inside of it. He stands up and introduces himself as Mint Prince. He doesn't remember anything besides his name though. PB says he is allowed to stay at her castle as long as he pleases. Finn and Jake have no objections with that and decide to head back to the Tree Fort.

Meanwhile another meteor has crashed in the Ice Kingdom. Ice King was just taking a stroll with Gunter on his leash when he sees the meteor. He opens it and sees a princess made out of gold lying unconscious in it. He takes her with him (although she is very heavy) and puts her in his prison.

In the morning of the next day Finn, Jake and BMO woke up at a normal time. However they heard someone knocking on the door. When they opened it they saw Cinnamon Bun lying on the ground, bleeding cinnamon from his body which left a long trail behind him. The boys quickly take him inside and ask what happened. Cinnamon Bun says that last night, Flame Princess was captured by a demon. Finn gets mad and says that Ice King might be behind this, Finn asks BMO to keep an eye on Cinnamon Bun, which he will do.

Finn and Jake head to the Ice Kingdom where they find Ice King chatting with Golden Princess. To their surprise they ask who she is, Ice King says that it is Golden Princess, someone he found in a meteor. Golden Princess then suddenly calls for Finn and calls him "my love". Finn is confused and demands an explanation. Golden Princess sighs, while getting let out by Ice King. She tells that she is from the future. She was send here after Darkness Prince was. He is trying to make a monster powerful enought to defeat Finn and Jake.

Concurrently PB and Mint Prince are sitting at a table. PB pours in some hot thee for Mint Prince who kindly accepts it. PB asks if he has remembered something yet. Mint Prince says he has and stands up from the table and walks towards PB and stands very close to her, which is kinda creeping PB out. Mint Prince says he remembered... The boys are shocked and saw how he will ever achieve that. Golden Princess says that he will need the smartest brain, the strongest power and the bravest heart in order to create something which can defeat Finn. ...Mint Prince remembered that PB is the smartest person in Ooo. And on that moment he slashes PB's head off and takes her with him out of the castle.

Finn concludes that Flame Princess probably was the power, and everyone knows PB is the brains of Ooo. Finn, Jake and Golden Princess then quickly depart, leaving Ice King behind. They arrive at the Candy Kingdom and inside see the headless body of PB lying on the ground.

Somewhere in a dark place Mint Prince enters a chamber, with the head of PB underneath his shoulder. He puts the head into a bowl with water to keep PB alive. Next to it is Flame Princess who is tightly held by cords that will drain the energy that she uses to do something. Mint Prince transforms into Darkness Prince, along with his bird and says that now only the bravest heart is needed.


Main CharactersEdit

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  • Snail is seen on the balcony at the beginning.
  • Golden Princess and Mint Prince/Darkness Prince are made by someone else, but they are a lot different in DKH's episodes.
  • This episode confirmed that Flame Princess is the strongest being and Princess Bubblegum the smartest being in Ooo. The bravest has yet to be confirmed.

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