"My Girl and her Cat"
Season 3, Episode 20
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Symphonic Wedding"

My Girl and her Cat is the twentieth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Ice King tries to reach the greatest lifeform on Earth to make his wish come true.


Ice King is running through his house searching everything related to his fanfictions. He stuffs everything into a big book which reads; Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake. He then reveals some drawned content showing pictures of Fionna, Cake and the others from the main cast.

Ice King puts the book into a backpack and puts it on his back. He takes Gunter and stuffs him under his armpit and says that they are going to make a little trip. Ice Princess comes around the corner and asks what he is going to do. Ice King says he's going to ask the greatest force existing to grant his wish. Icey slaps her face and says she'll be up in her room and warns her father not to hurt himself again.

Ice King lands in front of the Tree House of Finn and Jake, and knocks on the door. He tells the two about what he is going to do and if they want to accompany him, as they have been on the moon before. Finn and Jake go along, although not for Ice King, but just to see the moon.

Finn and Jake take Ice King and Gunter to Magic Man's house and look inside. Magic Man wasn't home so they could enter. Ice King mentions how gross it is in his house, but gets interrupted by Finn who commands him to step on the teleporter. The four are zapped away to the moon and land inside of a big stadium in which Grob Gob Glob Grod resides. Once there Ice King immediately walks up to Glob while Finn and Jake hold their breath to see what is coming.

Ice King immediately, without even an hello, asks Glob to turn his fanfiction into the real deal. Glob however refuses which makes Ice King wonder why. Glob says that as God he cannot fuse two seperate timelines together. Ice King, Finn and Jake look confused and Glob responses with an explanation. He tells that Ice King's fanfiction resulted in creating another timeline, an alternate universe, in which everyone is genderswapped. Ice King concludes that he can live happily with his fictional characters.

However Glob says he cannot, as he violates the rules of time and space with it. Ice King becomes furious and challenges Glob for a fight. The two battle, while Finn, Jake and Gunter take cover, but still can watch the fight. It results in Glob defeating Ice King with ease. Glob has pity with him and thus opens the portal to the genderswap universe and pulls out a Jelly Kinder and throws it in Ice King's hands. He says its an item from the alternate universe and that he can have it. However he must never try to make contact with the alternate universes again.

Ice King nods, satisfied with his Jelly Kinder. Finn, Jake and Gunter already had revealed themselves from behind the rock and joined Ice King. Glob then said if they needed to be in a special place. So Finn said to sent them to the Ice Kingdom. Glob nods and teleports them away. Glob then sits back in his throne saying that he liked the Jelly Kinder and sighs.

Back in Ooo, Finn and Jake leave the Ice Kingdom and Ice King waves them goodbye. Ice King laughs and Gunter looks bored and walks away. Ice King then goes to his Fionna and Cake shrine and lays the Jelly Kinder in front of it and says that this is only the beginning.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • Snail is seen between the trash of Magic Man's house.
  • Grob Gob Glob Grod's sword has the ability to open portals to alternate universes.
  • This is the first episode in which Flame Prince makes an appearance, although only through a picture.

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