"New Five Short Graybles"
Season 2, Episode 4
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Who is Your Princess?"

"New Five Short Graybles" is the fourth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Five Short Graybles about; Finn and Flame Princess, Elf Prince, Ice Princess, Gene and Dark Princess.


Cuber opens the episode and says he has new five short graybles. He says that they are connected with each other and that you have to discover the theme.

The story starts with Finn and Flame Princess who were walking through the Cotton Candy Forest hand-in-hand. Finn makkes a distraction for FP which causes her to look away. Finn then quickly plucks a box with chocolate from a tree and gives it to FP. She smiles and kisses Finn on his cheek. They continue further and encounter a stall where Finn buys some flowers for her. FP then takes Finn's arm and takes him to a wooden tree and crafts a symbol of their love in it with her fire. They looked behind them and saw Elf Prince running towards a shop.

Elf Prince waiting in a line by a cassa and he keeps looking at his watch. After paying he runs with a huge pile of things in his hands through the Candy Kingdom. He looks to his watch and sees that he already is very late. Elf Prince then bumps into Jake who asks what is wrong. Elf Prince says that he has to bring all this stuff to his kingdom else something terrible will happen. Jake says not to worry and suggests Elf Prince to jump on his back with the stuff. The two arrive in the Elf Kingdom and drop the stuff in front of the Elf King. Jake aks what is wrong and the Elf King replies that he was veeery hungry and grabs a few snacks and then adds that the Elf Queen said him to do the shopping today and he didn't want to make her mad.

In the Ice Kingdom Ice Princess was flying towards her home and rang on the door. Gunter opened the door and looked like something was wrong. After Icey tried to sneak upstairs Ice King busted her and said to her that she was grounded. Icey said that it was about nothing, Ice King got angry and said she was grounded for another week. Icey became furious and said that it didn't make any sense since she only helped Finn with some things and now she's getting double grounded for something that didn't make any sense. Icey then blasted a hole in the wall and flew away again, Ice King sighed and said that he didn't know what to do with her.

Icey flew by and passed Gene's home. Inside Gene was playing on his video console and was waiting for a special upload to come. While he was playing he couldn't help but to constantly chuckle because he already was waiting very long for this. He become so pumped that he jumped up and flew circles through the room then he heard a message that the upload was avaiable. He went towards the console and waited for the upload to complete. When completed he jumped through his roof and flew over the Kingdom of Ooo. He flew over the Fire Kingdom through the Desert through the Grasslands followed by the Ice Kingdom over the sea, through the Mountain Kingdom through the Candy Kingdom (where he passed Finn and FP) and through the Unknown Lands where he passed Dark Princess's castle.

Inside of the castle Dark Princess was sitting on her throne with her Dark Wolf lying on her lap. She sighed, she stood up and walked towards the video-player and put a video into it. A screen appeared and showed a clip of when she was still young. She was on a holiday along with her parents on the beach. Her parents were tanning while she ran into the water and dived underwater. Later she saw herself come out of the water holding a silver tiara. Her parents looked up and she said; "Look what I've found underwater!" but when she approached the camera the tape stopped. Dark Princess was sitting on her throne and tears crawled over her cheeks. She began crying inside of herself afterwards. Meanwhile Finn and FP stood up and said that it was time to go back home again. Finn then said that he will take her home and the two walked hand-in-hand home.

Cuber appears again and asks if they discovered the theme. He pauzes the screen for some time and plays it again. He then says that if you guessed "Feelings" you were right. Finn and Flame Princess are in love, Elf Prince was worried, Icey was angry, Gene was extremely happy and Dark Princess was sad.


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  • Snail is seen on a small boat when Gene flies over the sea.