"Only Three Wishes"
Season 4, Episode 1
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Final Hour"
"Wizard Love"

Only Three Wishes is the first episode in season 4 from DKH's Episodes.


Marceline finds a Lava Lamp which contains a genie of whom she falls in love with.


Finn, Jake and Jason are hanging out when suddenly they see Marceline passing by. Finn shouts out to her and she comes. Marcy greets Finn and Jake and gives a strange glance to Jason. Jake then asks what their deal is, how they got to know each other. Marceline laughs and says it's a long story that they said they wouldn't speak about. Jason then says it all began in the Nightosphere. Marceline says him to stop, but Jason freezes her (not in ice) and continues.


Marceline is strolling through the Nightosphere, not paying attention to what is happening and accidentally kicks something. She sees it's a lava lamp and picks it up. It was covered by dust so she rubbed it. Inside of the lamp Jason woke up and complains that there are humans even in this place. He comes out of the lamp and sees Marceline in front of him, and blushes.

Marceline asks if he's a genie, and Jason nods. Getting his mind back on his job he introduces himself as Jason and says he's a genie and explains the rules of wishing. Marceline introduces herself soon after, and says she never has seen a genie before. Jason then asks if she is a human. Marceline shakes her head and says she is a demon, the princess of the Nightosphere the daughter of the ruler here.

Jason then asks what her first wish is. Marceline says she actually doesn't know. She then asks what will happen if she made all of her wishes. Jason says he will go back into his lamp and wait for the next one to rub his lamp. Marceline then says in an instant that she will use her last wish to wish for his freedom. Jason is surprised and wonders if she really would do that, and why. Marceline says she likes him, even though they just met. She promises that she will make his wish come true too.

Marceline and Jason hang out for some time. When Marceline took Jason to her room he saw a doll lying on her bed. Jason flew towards it and jokes that she still sleeps with dolls. Marcy says it was a gift from someone dear to her heart. Jason asked if he passed away. Marceline said he hasn't, Jason then suggests to wish him back. Marceline shakes her head but then says she could do something else for him. She wishes Simon Petrikov to retain his memories of his past. Jason tries to fufill the wish, but the magic doesn't work. He says there is a powerful magical force blocking his genie powers. Marceline frowns and sits on her bed.

Marceline then wishes that she eventually would be reunited with the one who was Simon Petrikov. Jason is able to grant that wish and makes it happen. Marceline is slightly happier and hugs Jason. She tells him that she loves him and Jason replies he loves her too. Hunson overhears them and thinks he needs to contact the genie council.

Marceline then says that she will use her second wish to go on a date together. Jason grants the wish and they are sitting in an abandoned cafe. Jason summons french fries and they share them. Marceline looks up to Jason and says she wants to make her last wish, so they could be together.

Jason nods and Marceline wishes for Jason to be free from his lamp. The shackles on Jason's wrists come off and he smiles. He leans over to Marceline, who also leans over to him, and they share a kiss. On that moment both Jason and Marceline get summoned outside of the building by Grand Master Wizard and his assistent Ash.

GMW says that Jason is guilty of getting involved into a serious relationship with a client of his. Jason get teleported away leaving Marceline behind. Marceline headed back into the cafe and sees her father  eating her fries, Marceline then asks why and runs away.

~back in Ooo~

Jason says that's about it. He unfreezes Marceline who seemed to have calmed down and says that's pretty much the story. Finn and Jake laugh and say they should adventure some more, Jason says he will join him. As Finn and Jake go ahead, Marceline tips Jason's shoulder and thanks him for not telling everything.


Years later after Marceline became a vampire she and Jason encounter each other again. She thanks him for bringing him together with Simon again, although he doesn't remember her anymore. Jason explains that he isn't a genie on duty anymore thanks to her, and then says their relationship is probably over. Marceline shakes her head. She tells that she wanted to go to the genie council but met Ash there and he convinced her of dating him. Ash threw away his job as the assistent of GMW to be with Marceline and they currently live together. Jason laughs and says that it was to be expected, who would wait that long. Marceline then says they still could have fun one more time and says Ash won't be home anytime soon and pulls Jason into the house and shuts the door


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  • Snail is seen on the counter during Jason and Marcy's date.
  • Jason and Marceline's history together is revealed in this episode.
  • It is revealed that the magical properties of Ice King's crown are bigger than genie magic.

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