"Parallel World"
Season 3, Episode 12
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"A Fading Flame"
"Play With Me"

Parallel World is the twelfth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Jake find the lost fanfiction of Ice King, Fionna and Cake, and begin to read parts out of it.


Finn and Jake are just randomly walking around in the grass land when they suddenly find a few pages on the ground. Jake picks them up and recognizes Ice King's handwriting. He immediately sees that it is his fanfiction. Finn looks ahead and sees more pages and picks them up they begin to read the few pages they found.

The Ice Queen had captured all the hot princes in Ooo and put them in her jail. However Fionna and Cake came to the rescue. Fionna slammed the tiara off Ice Queen's head while Cake opened the jail releasing all the princes from their cages. Slime Prince thanked them with his deep and sexy voice. Prince Gumball asked if they wanted to come along to the Candy Kingdom. END

Finn and Jake were actually interested what Fionna and Cake were going to do, and also wondered why Ice King would make his counterpart loose in his own fanfiction. They continue and find more pages and begin to read.

Ice Queen arrived back home and saw that her whole room was a mess. She looked further and saw Ice Prince playing video games while eating junk food, and he made the whole room a mess. Ice Queen got mad at Ice Prince, but her son didn't care and blasted Ice Queen away. END. Again Finn and Jake wondered why Ice Queen got all the bad endings in the stories.

Another page was found which told the story of Ice Queen having a romantic date with Dark Prince. Dark Prince was visiting the Ice Kingdom. It was very dark in the room and candles were lightened up. Ice Queen and Dark Prince came closer to each other and had an intense kiss. END. Out of disgust Finn and Jake threw those pages on the ground and searched further, however Jake picked the pages back up at the last moment.

Fionna and Flame Prince were on a date with each other. They ventured into the darkened forest to find treasure. Flame Prince showed off his amazing fire skills by burning down trees that were in the way, with Fionna adoring him. However Prince Gumball arrived on Lord Monochronicorn and said that Flame Prince was arrested because of his anger issues. Flame Prince became furious and said he didn't have any anger problems and attacked Prince Gumball. Fionna shouted Flame Prince to stop and hugged him. Prince Gumball continued on the arrest, but Fionna said he was going nowhere and the two ran away from Prince Gumball. END.

Finn and Jake then came across more random pages featuring a small scene of Gunter defeating Quartzion the Crystal King and returning him back to normal. Jungle Prince and Hunter Wizard battling an angered Countess of Lemongrab. A, almost, erotic scene between Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball. And three random battles of Ice Queen battling Jacey, Leona McLean and Elf Princess. However weird enough in every page Gunter was watching from the sidelines.

Finn and Jake arrived at the Ice Kingdom and knocked. Ice King opened the door asking what they wanted. Finn and Jake showed the lost pages of Ice King's fanfiction. Ice King looked confused as he had the whole book inside. He then began to read the pages and immediately froze them and threw them away. He said he didn't want those pages because Gunter wrote all of them. Gunter then came to say hello but Ice King immediately sent him back to the corner. Ice King explained that Gunter actually wanted those pages to be included into the story. Ice King then shut the door in front of Finn and Jake who shrugged their shoulders and headed back home.


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  • Snail is seen during the romantic scene between Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball.
  • Among the princes kidnapped by Ice Queen in the first story it are only; Prince Gumball, Hotdog Prince, Slime Prince, Wildberry Prince and Lumpy Space Prince.

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