"Play With Me"
Season 3, Episode 13
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Parallel World"
"Data Crash"

Play With Me is the thirteenth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Ice King kidnapped several princesses and let's them play a game for their lives.


Princess Bubblegum opens up her eyes and sees she isn't in the Candy Kingdom anymore. It is very dark and she feels cold and to make it even worse she is chained to the wall. She says hello through the room hoping there are other people around. She then gets a surprised response from Lumpy Space Princess who thought they only were with 5 of them trapped. Before PB can response a voice is heard over the speaker, Ice King's voice that is.

He explains that he has brought the six princesses here to play a game with them, a game for their lives. He turns on the light in the jail which reveals the other five princesses; LSP, Wildberry Princess, Laurel Princess, Engagement Ring Princess and Doctor Princess. He releases the princesses from the chalkes and explains the game. The princess who survives all the way through will get the honor to marry him while the other princesses will meet a terrible fate. Their first mission lies behind the door.

The princesses discuss how they are going to handle this. ERP says they won't leave anyone behind to die, but PB says that if they have to they don't have a choice. The other princesses have to agree with that though. They walk through the door and arrive in a room with nothing in it. Suddenly five tiles lighten up and Ice King says through the speaker that the lightened tiles won't fall into an endless pit. The other tiles then begin to fall down and every princess claims a tile except for Lumpy Space Princess who is too slow but keeps hovering in the air. However an ice block falls from the ceiling on her head knocking her out causing her to fall down anyway.

The tiles return and the princesses move to the next room. Yet again they arrive in an empty room, except there was a huge hole on the wall. Ice King speaks again and asks if the girls can swim. Not soon after that the room is getting filled with water. Engagement Ring Princess says she can't swim. Ice King says again that there is a hole in the ceiling. Keep swimming and they will make it. He then activates the suck power in the hole which tries to suck the princesses up. The princesses swim, PB reached the hole and climbs in and tries to help everyone get in it. However ERP just can't make it and is sucked into the hole. The princess continue. They crawl through a narrow way and talk about losing two friends already.

They arrive in a long room filled with giant ice pillars, probably supporting the ceiling. Ice King then speaks over the intercom again and says that he hopes no one is wearing red. A door opens and an Ice-Bull comes out and storms at the princesses. The princesses run away while having to avoid the pillars, but the Ice Bulll simply runs through them to the point that the ceiling starts to break The princesses see the door leading to another room but suddenly a ceiling part falls down. The princesses dodge it except for Wildberry Princess who trips over it. Laurel Princess tries to grab her but its too late. The Ice Bull already grabs her and takes her away.

PB, Laurel Princess and Doctor Princess go through the door to safety. Doctor Princess asks if anyone is hurt, but they say everything is fine. Ice King says that the suspense is getting higher. The room darkens and Ice King says that they can try to find the way out, but they have to look out they don't face their worst fears.

Princess Bubblegum finds herself on her throne and suddenly the whole hall is filled with angry citizens who boo at her. In the crowd stands Marceline who shakes her head and turns around. Bonnie shouts out what she has done wrong but the booing continues. PB then hears Laurel Princesses' voice and snapped out of her nightmare. They then search for Doctor Princess who has gone crazy and starts swining around with an icicle to the other girls shouting that they should stay away. Laurel Princess says its too late for her and pulls Bonnie away from her and they go to the next room. There Bonnie asks how she snapped out of her nightmare. Laurel Princess explains she isn't afraid of anything that she has no fears.

Ice King speaks and says it has come down to the last two princesses. Ice King says this will be the final fight and removes the outer line of the room and lets two ice sword fall down from the ceiling. Ice King says that the strongest can marry him. Both say they don't want to fight. Ice King then says more tiles will start to fall if they don't fight. Laurel Priness then says that there is no need for two people to die and suggests that PB pushes her off the stage. PB doesn't want to do it but Laurel Princess insists. PB eventually managed to do it. Ice King said that PB could come to him. PB took the sword along and faced Ice King. She said he would pay for killing the princesses. Ice King then looks shocked and says they aren't dead, he woul never kill a princess. He only gives them a terrible fate. Ice King then shows that the princesses are locked up with Gunter.

PB then gives a sigh of relieve and then says she will return back to the Candy Kingdom. Ice King then says that they were supposed to marry. PB says that she will sent Finn and Jake to free the other princesses. Finn and Jake arrive on the same moment saying that they already were informed by Peppermint Butler about PB's disappearance. They begin to fight Ice King while PB walks away with a smile on her face. 


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  • The Snail is seen along with the princess locked up with Gunter.
  • Ice King made the same mistake in capturing Doctor Princess again.
  • Wildberry Princess didn't need to swim as she floated upwards.
  • The title is a refrence to a famous quote of Jigsaw from Saw.

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