Season 1, Episode 18
Production code: 1011-48
Airdate: March 3
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Finn's Missing"
"Sewer War"

"Powerless" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


After her long search the Witch has returned to steal Jake's powers, Jake now has to retrieve his powers because he can't ask them back.


Finn and Jake just came back from a fight with the Ice King when suddenly the Witch appeared before the boys. They asked what she was doing her and she explained she had been searching for a very long time to find them and now that she had found then she finally could take Jake's powers. And before they knew it Jake's powers were gone. Jake apologized but the Witch said she wouldn't turn it back under any circumstances.

Finn and Jake first went to Gene to ask for his help. They summoned him with a lava lamp, and told about Jake's situation. Gene said he would love to help but that Genie's can't break spells of other magic users, especially not ones of witches.

Finn and Jake went back to Ice King and asked him for help. Ice King said he only could preform ice related magic. But he also said he might know others who could break the spell. They travelled to Wizard City and watched a fight between Forest Wizard and Wizard Thief. Suddenly Huntress Wizard interrupted and KO'd both of them. Ice King went towards her and asked if she could break the spell Witch placed on Jake. Huntress Wizard examinated Jake but said this spell only could be broken by a high tier wizard.

So the three went to Wizard Village where Bufo resided. They talked to him, since he was the head of a wizard clan. Bufo tried to undo it but it wouldn't go away. He then recommanded to go to the Grand Master Wizard. The three arrived at the GMW and asked if the spell of Jake could be broken. GMW said he had come to the right person and then turned Jake into a cat. He said to take the cat to the Witch to undo the spell.

Ice King took Jake to the Witch and asked her to turn the cat back to normal. The Witch agreed and turned the cat back into Jake. She was angry because she didn't know it was Jake and wanted to make him powerless again but Finn slashed the Witch in her back, causing her to fall down. Finn, Jake and Ice King took a donut and ran away leaving the Witch behind.


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  • This marks the first time Gene plays a minor role.
  • This also marks the second appearance as the Witch.
  • The Snail can be seen in the bag of Huntress Wizard for a brief moment.