"Pranking Around"
Season 1, Episode 14
Production code: 1011-40
Airdate: February 3
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Trapped in the Dark"
"Fierce Date"

"Pranking Around" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Finn, Marceline and Gene prank around in the Land of Ooo. Until they have enraged a lot of people who try to hunt them down.


Finn and Jake get visited by Gene who aks if they want to hang out. Finn and Jake agree and go along with Gene. Finn then says he knows someone who also has good sense of humor. They arrive at Marceline's house and ask Marceline if she wants to join them. Finn introduces Gene and Marceline to each other, but they already seem to know each other. Finn asks how they know each other. Gene wanted to tell it but Marceline interrupted him saying that they would never talk about that again.

They travelled to the Ice Kingdom and broke inside. There they found Ice King sleeping while Gunter was playing video games. Finn asked Gene to turn Marceline into Princess Bubblegum and he did. Marceline said she didn't like it (but in secret did). Gunter saw "PB" and alerted Ice King who woke up. He was surprised to see PB, Marceline then flirted with Ice King and whispered all kinds of dirty things. But then Gene turned Marceline into Lumpy Space Princess, which frightened the Ice King. Marceline was still acting 'seductive' which almost made Ice King puke. Gene then turned Marceline back while the Ice King went to the toilet to puke.

The four continued and headed towards the Candy Kingdom. Underway Finn asked again how he knew Marceline. Gene wanted to tell it in a flashback. Gene was in a pre-teen who wandered around in the wreckage of the Earth. But before he could continue Marceline interrupted him and said to keep his mouth shut. The group arrived at the Candy Kingdom. Marceline said she would be back in a few seconds to get some stuff for a prank. Gene was impatient and placed a spell on the Candy Kingdom and reversed all the movement in the kingdom. The three landed before the castle when Marceline arrived too. Marceline asked what he did, but then Princess Bubblegume came out of the gate backwards. PB was very angry and blamed Marceline. Marceline said Gene did it, and then in anger flew away. PB got even madder at Gene and said him to look around and what he had done. He saw everyone bumping into things. PB asked to reverse it to normal again. Gene said she was anti-fun and turned the kingdom back to normal.

The three friends left the Candy Kingdom and relaxed at the Tree Fort. Marceline returned and said it was actually pretty funny, and that they had to do this again soon. Marceline then left for home again. Gene  then also said he would be returning home and thanked the two for the funny day.


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  • Snail was seen on the background when PB was flirting with Ice King.
  • It has been revealed that Gene and Marceline share a past.
    • It could be that they've been in a relationship.