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Quintel the Quick
Quintel the Quick
Name Quintel the Quick
Gender Male
Age Deceased
Species Lake People
Occupation Thief


Introduced In "High School"
Latest Appearance "Summer Day" (mentioned)

Quintel (full title: Quintel the Quick) is a character that briefly appeared in "High School" in the crowd of criminals that were set free during the incidents of that episode. He later took on a more major role in "Quintel the Quick".


Quintel was a famous thief in the Lake Kingdom that was eventually captured by the Lake King. He was later freed in "High School" but caught again. He struck a deal with Lake King in "Quintel the Quick" in which he agreed to steal the Tri-Kingdom Peace Treaty in exchange for his freedom. He succeeded in stealing the first two layers from the Vampire and Fire Kingdoms, but in the end, he was captured in the Candy Kingdom and executed in Princess Bubblegum's heat chamber.


Like most people residing in the Lake Kingdom, Quintel had pale, turqiouse skin. His hair was a little bit darker shade of blue than others. According to ACat, this is because of getting dirty while in jail and not being allowed to shower. He wore a light-tan T-shirt and a raggedy pair of shorts and a torn red cloak over it when stealing.


Quintel, as his title suggests, was very quick, though apparently not quick enough to escape Lake King (twice) and Captain Root Beer Guy. He was very skilled at stealing and could be very quiet. He was also skilled with a knife and had the ability to shoot water out of his hands and feet to fly, like Attie. It is assumed that he had all of the same abilities as her, being a water elemental.

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