"Rage Quit"
Season 3, Episode 24
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Life of Pain"
"Love Hurts"

Rage Quit is the twenty fourth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Lee follows Peppermint Butler to Land of the Dead to confront his old rival.


On a regular day Lee strolls through the Candy Kingdom, on his way to visit PB to do some science projects with her. However when arriving in the castle he sees his old pal Peppermint Butler and follows him, wanting to talk to him. He eventually ends up in the place where once The Lich was trapped. Inside Peppermint Butler opened a portal and jumped through, followed by Lee.

He fell towards a pile of bones, but activated the hover boots to slowly glide over to a save place. He saw that he was in the Land of the Death. He went searching for Peppermint Butler so he headed to the shining white castle in the distance. Upon arriving there he entered without knocking or anything.

Lee walked inside and saw some pictures of Peppermint Butler, Abraham Lincoln, Hunson Abadeer and Death who also had a picture of Darren Carter, his old nemesis. He studied the picture of Darren when suddenly his name was called out. Lee turned around and saw Death behind him and noted that he was Darren his old nemesis.

Death noted that Lee looked different now that he became a hologram, on which he replied that his skull was still messed up although he now is immortal. Death however noted that both of them are immortal, the only difference is that Death killed Lee's family and has now godly powers while Lee only is a hologram-like person.

Peppermint Butler was next to Death who said they finally could have their final battle, now that he has his godly powers. Peppermint Butler quickly returned through a portal as Death and Lee began to fight each other. After some taunting they began to fight, Lee using his katana while Death used the power of dead.

Meanwhile in Ooo, Peppermint Butler arrived at the Tree Fort and visited Finn and Jake. Peps explained what was happening in the Land of the Death, and they needed two strong warriors to make sure things don't get out of hand. Back in the Land of the Death the fight between Lee and Death was still ongoing. However Death gained the upper hand and defeated Lee

However Lee stumbled back and knocked over Pandora's Box which released the demon named Kuk who slipped into Lee's main system. Death takes a step back, and just on that moment Peppermint Butler, Finn and Jake arrive on the scene and see the possessed Lee. The four of them fight the possessed Lee and conquer.

Finn sends the demon back into the box and wipes his forehead. Lee thanks him, however Death approaches him and says it's time to leave and summons a portal underneath him which lets him, Finn and Jake return to Ooo.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Hunson Abadeer (pictured)
  • Abraham Lincoln (pictured)
  • Kuk
  • Snail


  • This reveals more of Lee's background.
  • It was never made clear what Peppermint Butler was going to visit Death about.
  • Snail is seen between the pile of bones Lee would have fell on.

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