"Shiver Me Timber"
Season 3, Episode 20
Production code: 24
Airdate: January 15, 2013
Director: Lexther Kimpo, Charles Sumalde
Story: Jico Vinco, Ronuel Salvio, Brian Mesada
"Miss Lumpy Space"
"Finn's Missing"

Shiver Me Timber is the twentieth episode the third season of BuritoMan's Episodes and the seventeenth episode of DKH's Episodes.


Elf Prince and Princess Bubblegum get married.


BMO walks into the Tree Fort and says that they are invited to the wedding of Princess Bubblegum. Finn is shocked that PB is getting married. The invitation does say not to bring any guests. Finn, Jake and BMO, dressed in tuxedos, enter the Candy Castle. They see many quests most of them being friends of PB and a few elfs. While Jake and BMO go to look for a place to sit Finn seeks up PB.

He discovered that PB was in her room, preparing herself for the wedding. He knocked on the door and LSP opened and greeted Finn. Finn asked if he could come in but LSP immediately answered that only girls are allowed here. Finn then looks for Elf Prince's room and enters. EP is happy to see him and asks if he and Jake will be his witnesses. Finn agrees if EP tells how he met PB. Elf Prince began to tell;

His father and mother complained about him not having a girlfriend or anything, so he headed out to other kingdoms to look for a princess. While strolling through the Cotton Candy Forest he encountered Bonnie who was plucking donuts. The two got into a conversation and saw they had much in common and they decided to date. Later however his parents wanted to connect the kingdoms so said he had to marry Bonnie. EP had no real objections against it so he proposed. Bonnie said yes and now we're here.

Finn understood and said he would tell Jake that they will wait for you at the altar. Princess Bubblegum sits in her room all prepared for the wedding. LSP and Lady Rainicorn already leave the room to go to the altar, Marceline thanks Bonnibel for chosing her as a bridesmaid. Bonnie says that Marceline has been very impoartant in her life, Marcy then also departs. Not quickly afterwards Ice King knocks on the door and asks if PB is ready. PB stands up and says she's ready. The two walk through the altar, when Ice King suddenly says that he is surprised she chose him as the give-awayer. PB says that she sees Ice King as her uncle with the weird thoughts. Ice King chuckles and the two walk towards the altar as the music begins to play.

At the altar are standing Elf Prince along with his groomsmen; Finn, Jake and Gene. On the other side are Lady, LSP and Marceline and in the middle, as the marriage officiant, is Earl of Lemongrab. Ice King wishes PB good luck and sits down next to Wildberry Princess who shakes a bit. Earl then begins to tell the whole wedding story, with his annoying voice. BMO then comes with a pillow that has the rings, they do the rings on their fingers and Earl asks the final question, if they will take each other. They both reply yes and kiss.

After the wedding there is a party in another chamber in the Candy Castle. Tree Trunks has made delicious applepie's and everyone is enjoying their time. While Elf Prince is talking with the guys, Princess Bubblegum is talking with some princesses but keeps glaring to Marceline who is talking with Ice King. Marceline looks to her side and they make eye-contact but PB quickly turns her head around. It gets late and most people have left. Finn and Jake go to PB and EP and thank them for the wedding. When the three also left Elf Prince suggests them to go to the bedroom and Bonnie agrees with a smile and they head upstairs.


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