"Steampunk Time"
Season 3, Episode 15
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Data Crash"
"Scream Queens"

Steampunk Time is the fifteenth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


An episode set in an alternate Steampunk universe.


Finn and Jake are eating a healthy breakfast in their Tree Fort when BMO says that Princess Bubblegum has a message for them. BMO's speaker emits an old recorder voice of PB. The princess asked if they could pick up some pie from Tree Trunks and bring it towards her. Finn and Jake do so as requested and get the pie from Tree Trunks. When they arrive in the Candy Kingdom they encounter PB and Lady who thank them for the pie, and ask them to eat some with them. Finn and Jake accept the offer and picnic in the Grass Lands.

After eating some pie Finn and Jake return back to the Tree Fort when they suddenly are encountered by Lee. He says he wants to test out his new simulated town build in his kingdom. Therefor he wants to fight Finn and Jake with a team of 6. Finn and Jake accept the challenge and go out to search for four allies.

Finn and Jake head back to the Candy Kingdom and ask PB and Lady to join their team, which they do. Afterwards they find BMO to join their team and eventually convince Flame Princess to join their team. When they arrive at the Steampunk Kingdom they enter and follow the signs that lead them to the gate of the simulated town.

Inside they find themselves in a standard Middle Ages town. Lee confronts them with his team consisting out of; Ice King, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, Earl of Lemongrab and Neptr. Lee says that there are is only one rule, when someone is knocked out they are automatically removed from the fight preventing someone to die.

The fight then starts and everyone collides with each other. The fights go all over the place destroying several buildings, and the fighters keep switching their rivals. Sometimes its two on one of vice versa. Lady and Jake KO LSP but shortly after that Lady is KO'd Ice King resulting in Jake continuing his fight with Ice King. BMO and Neptr are in a fight that almost can't be wun but Lemongrab KO's BMO, but because Neptr's behavior is unacceptable he also KO's his own teammate. Lemongrab however is quickly KO'd after him because of Flame Princess' fire blast. Lee tries to get rid off the biggest threat, Flame Princess. He teams up with Ice King to do that. Ice King goes towards Flame Princess and goes into battle with her, but when she's off guard Lee restrains FP with a leather rope making Ice King's attack land succesfully resulting in her KO.

Finn meanwhile is fighting Marceline, but only can defend himself from her attacks and can't do an offensive attack. PB decides to eliminate Ice King while Jake goes after Leonard. PB eventually manages to eliminate Ice King by slamming him with a giant hammer. Marceline sees this and stops her battle with Finn to go after PB. Finn instead goes to help Jake defeat Leonard. Marceline and Bonnie fight very hard and end in an attack that KO's both of them at the same time. Lee, Finn and Jake's battle is exhausting which results in Jake being eliminated by Lee.

Finn and Lee fight hard and block each move they make on each other. Lee however sees and opening and sends Finn flying with a kick. Finn stand back up and equips his Gauntlet and charges up a blast that KO's Lee. Finn then also returns to the outside of the area where the rest are, exhausted, but not wounded anymore.

Lee asks if they enjoyed the battle and everyone had. Jake asks why they couldn't kill anyone if everyone comes out unwounded. Lee says that a death can't be healed, nor forgotten. A wound can heal though, but like death can't be forgotten. He says that the meaning of the quote is that they won't forget this battle.


Main CharactersEdit

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  • Snail is seen when Finn, Jake, PB and Lady picnic.
  • This is the first and only episode in which Lady doesn't appear as a Rainicorn, but rather a humanoid being. Though still having the same powers.
  • This is the first time Lee has a human form rather than a hologram form..
  • Tree Trunks, the only one with Steampunk art, wears a maiden outfit like this.
  • The design of the Tree Fort is based on the real life Steampunk Treehouse.


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