"Stupid Sock"
Season 2, Episode 7
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Snow Crystal"
"Applepie Inc."

"Stupid Sock" is the seventh episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Ice King finally figures out Gene is a genie and seeks him out to fulfill his wish.


Ice King is fighting with Finn and Jake in front of his lair. After a moment Finn kicks off the crown of Ice King making him powerless. Jake then says not to do anything bad again. As Finn and Jake walk away Ice King thinks about what would happen if he won. Then he sees that Gene appears in front of Finn and Jake and talk with them. Ice King hears of the conversation that he is a genie that requires a sock to fufill a wish. Gene takes Finn and Jake away and Ice King begins his new plan.

He goes downstair to his study and plunders through his stuff and finds some old and dirty socks and stuffs them in his beard. He then leaves his castle and flies towards the lava-tipped mountains where he rings at Gene's mansion. Ice King says he has a sock for him, that he wil get if he fufills a wish for him. Gene agrees and explains the standard rules of wishing. Ice King then wishes Gene to be locked up in his dungeon, which happens.

When back to his lair Ice King says it might had been helpfull to also wish himself to his home. Ice King then grabs another sock out of his beard and says he wants that the first princesses he encounters will immediately fall in love with him. When the wish is granted Ice King heads over to the Candy Kingdom, and lands at Princess Bubblegum's tea party with Slime, Wildberry and Hot Dog Princess. When the princesses look at him, they immediately fall in love with him, and Ice King takes them to the Ice Kingdom. Peppermint Butler then steps outside and sees the princesses are gone. He walks to the phone and calls Finn and Jake to tell the princesses have been kidnapped by Ice King.

Finn and Jake head to the Ice Kingdom and enter the lair of Ice King. Inside they see Ice King lying on his chair while Princess Bubblegum is feeding him grapes, Wildberry Princess is creating a nice breeze for him, Slime Princess massages his feet while Hot Dog Princess acts as a footrest. Finn and Jake then see Gene locked up in the prison. Gene says he just couldn't resist the tempation of those delicious socks, and even tells the details about how old and dirty they were. After being disguisted Finn and Jake want to attack Ice King, but Ice King commands the princesses to defend him. Finn and Jake don't want to hurt the princesses so almost get beaten up by them. Finn then has the idea to let Jake wrap the princesses up and he will kick off Ice King's crown. Jake agrees and wraps the princesses, Finn then rushes to Ice King to kick his crown off but his path is blocked by Muscle Princess.

Ice King says he also has to have a real bodyguard. As Finn tries to dodge the punches of Muscle Princess he shouts to Jake that he must grab Muscle Princess. Jake says he can't reach her without releasing the other princesses. Finn then has no other option, he grabs his swords and makes Muscle Princess trip, he launches himself upwards by jumping on her belly and slams the crown off of Ice King's head with his sword. Ice King falls backwards and Finn lands on him. He the smells something funny and finds a sock in Ice King's beard. He grabs the sock and quickly goes to Gene  and wishes for the princesses to be normal again. Gene does what he says and everything is normal again.

Jake then carries everyone back on his back. Gene thanks Finn and Jake for saving him, although he does feel sorry for him. He says that there must be someone who belongs to him. Finn says that there is someone, but that she is gone, just like Ice King's memories of her. Princess Bubblegum then says she has to be home quickly, Jake then tells everyone to fasten their seatbelts (which he suddenl creates) and he blasts forwards out of the Ice Kingdom.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Slime Princess
  • Wildberry Princess
  • Hot Dog Princess
  • Muscle Princess
  • Betty (indirect mention)
  • Peppermint Butler
  • Snail


  • Snail can be seen on the background when Peppermint Butler is calling Finn and Jake.
  • The ending of this episode is similar to the one of "Prisoner's of Love", where Jake also carries the saved princesses on his back.
  • When Jake blasts forwards he lets out a fart.