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Summer drawn by Minty-Red.
Gender Female
Age Biologically: 21+

Actual age: 1003

Species Human-Vampire
Occupation The Fang Gang's leader
Relatives Petunia Nelson (Little sister)

Marshall Lee (Cousin) Betty (Mother like figure)

Introduced In "Foxy Roxy"
Latest Appearance "Sabina The Witch Queen (Part 2)"
Voiced by Idinia Menzel

Summer,The Fang Gang's leader,(full name:Summer Wysteria Nelson) is a city-like rebel which has a love for pranking people and causing trouble. She is a loud and blunt half human/half vampire who is more than 1000 years old.She also has a love for music,especially rapping.She also is immune to sunlight,unlike regular vampires.


Summer was born in the Desert of Wonder (Which 1000 years ago was the city where the mushroom war took place. It's also the city Simon,Marceline and Betty lived in before the war.) This was revealed in the episode 'Princess Christmas' during her flashback.It was also revealed she was friends with Betty before she went missing. Summers past is quite mysterious due to the fact she never mentions it or normally shuts people up when they ask her about it.But quite alot of hints were dropped along the way

When people question her or mention the Mushroom War,she always answers "I don't want to talk about it." Possibly meaning she was one of the survivors of the war. In "Foxy Roxy" when Ceaser brought up the Mushroom War during his conversation with Carla,Summer turned away with tears in her eyes. In "Princess Christmas",there is a flashback sometime before the Mushroom War when she was little, playing with Betty. In "The Lichs Wrath" she appears to not be afraid to talk about the Mushroom War anymore,possibly because she got over it. When Princess Bubblegum asked her about it,she responded "Oh?The Mushroom War?Sometime before that i was friends with a woman named Betty which gave me a panda looking stuffed animal." She also briefly mentions it in "So what?" when the Breakfast Princess said something about it that got on her nerves.

Mysteriously, her and CeeJay seem to have a strong bond. Confirmed by XxSkyCakesXx and Marcelee Rocks, CeeJay gave her fire powers away to Summer. It is yet to be released why.

Like Marceline,it is unknown when or how she became a vampire.When she was with Betty in her picture she was full human,she was also full human in her flashback. She was bitten sometime she was 21+ because thats her physical age now.She has been this way for about 982 years.

Appearances Edit

Summer first appeared in "Foxy Roxy". She crashed Marceline and Marshall Lee's away-from-the-sun picnic,along with accusing them of dating. Later she teamed up with Jeanette to stop Bell from conquering the land of Aaa.

In "Dark Desires" she showed her more evil side by arguing and dropping drama bombs. Later she started using her forms and threatened to kill Carla for no reason.

In "Marcy and Marshy" she had a small cameo talking to Roxy.

In "Princess Christmas" there was a flashback,revaling some of her secrets about her past. She revealed she used to be friends with Betty before the Mushroom War. She also appeared at the Princess dinner,though she is not royal.

In "The Lichs Wrath" Finn,Jake and Bonnibel wanted her and the Fang Gangs help to stop the Lich for good. At first she refused to lend her group over to "goody-two shoes" but than agreed. She even helped herself. She also admited some of her backstory to Bonnibel.

In "Marcelee" she was overjoyed to hear her cousin Marshall Lee and Marcy were going to the movies on a date. After spying for awhile,she caught Ash planning to kill Marshall,and she stopped it.

In "Spiral the Dial" she had a small appearance mocking Princess Bubblegum.

In "So what?" her and Bonnibel teamed up to prank Breakfast princess.

In "Carodil" she is overjoyed to here Carla no longer has a crush on Marshall and starts dating Bodil instead.

In "Ricky" she showed her more innocent side than she would in bad situations.She first was in Carla's house with Carlana and Carla,screaming what to look up.Later when Ricky crashed into the house she threatened to kill him unless he spilled the beans on what he was up to.When he stated he was going to kill Bodil,Carla's boyfriend,she asked for suggestions. Later she stopped a metorite from crushing them all,stating she always does the work. At the end of the episode she and Roxy caught Marceline and Marshall Lee 'kissing' (In her words,making out.) and ended the episode by saying "Bus-ted"

In "Shadow The Vampire King (Part 1)" she was at Carla's house,complaining that her voice is fine and she will be lead singer for their new band.Later when Shadow caused an earthquake she asked Carla why she never told her her house was haunted.Later when they had to go save Carlana,Bodil and Marceline,complaining more than usual about it much to Marshalls annoyence.Despite being rude majority of the epsiode,she came up with a valid plan to attack Shadow and Sabina.

In "Sabina The Witch (Part 2)" she lead the group to the lair and they deafted Shadow and saved Marceline,but Sabina was still on the run.After exploring the town for clues,she smashed down the door.Later in their battle with Sabina she knocked Summer to the ground about to kill her with a a beam.Summer replied how she's gonna whoop her butt,which to Sabinas expense she repsonded that that was strong words from one who is going to get killed.After another battling scene, the Fang Gang beated her,and the world was restored back to its formal state.

Personality Edit

Summer is shown to have that whole laid-back,"Too cool",sassy attitude.She mainly loves to crash parties and annoy the crap out of people,especially her cousin Marshall Lee and best friend Carla.She has a mischievous personality and is
rarely intimidated. She is also quite a prankster,and never takes crap from anybody.She also is a drama-starter and can be REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying. Although she acts like she's a villain,she is actually good,and has saved the Land of Ooo and Aaa many times before.

Although clever,she is somewhat clueless or confused at times. Despite her sassy like attitude,she is quite innocent at alot of things.She can also express her feelings very easily,unlike regular vampires.She can also be compassionate and caring at times,although when you tell her to 'stop',she rarely ever listens.

When it comes to anger,Summer has a hard time expressing her feelings. She normally throws a tantrum,and acts vivid and vicious.

She is also very emotional,as she's attached to her stuffed animal,"Vivienne",which Betty gave to her when she was younger. When people mention the "Mushroom War",she normally tears up by the name of it. Even if its just mentioned.

Appearance Edit

Summer appears to have normal human skin and long dark brown hair in a high ponytail that reaches to her waist and also has grey streaks in her hair.She has normal fingers.She also sports two marks on her neck, which are presumably the marks of the bite that turned her into a vampire.She has normal ears and fangs which don't always show when she closes her mouth.Her main outfit features a white and black striped side shirt and rarely,is seen with a nyan cat keychain linked to the bottom.She wears a purple thigh length skirt,long white stockings with a grey heart at the end and Mary Jane shoes.She also wears an matching arm rest and bracelet to her clothes. Her appearance and personality is that of a 18 to 20 year old. She is very thin. She is usually floating in the air but when she stands she's Marceline's height. In most of her transformations, she is shown to have brown eyes.

Clothes Edit

Summer wears different outfits in most of her episode appearances. Her style seems to be city-like, or with colors normally white, black,and purple.For more information, see Summer/Gallery.

Powers and abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Summer has many supernatural abilities, She has been shown to possess the following powers:

  • Levitation: She has the ability to float and even to fly with careful control and rapid speed. She can even sleep while floating.
  • Pyrokinesis: She can light fire with only her mind.
  • Telekinesis: She can move things using her mind.
  • Invisibility: She can turn invisible.
  • Necromancy: She can raise the dead.
  • Shape-shifting: She has the ability to shape-shift into numerous monstrous forms, including a bat, a wolf, a reptilian creature, and a large tentacled monster. She appears to be able to preserve her clothing, even after changing into large forms that would cause it to break: in many appearances, the clothing disappears until she returns to her humanoid form.
  • Eating shades of red: Unlike traditional vampires, Summer is capable of sustaining herself on "shades of red," such as the color in strawberries, rather than being limited to surviving on blood.


  • Bass player:Like Marceline,she's an expert bass player.
  • Singer:She is a proficient singer
  • Speed skater:She is extremely good at skating without using any of her powers.

Weaknesses Edit

Summer is shown to be allergic to garlic. In "So What?" she hissed in pain when the Breakfast Princess threw garlic at her,while screaming "Get away from me!You reptile skin peasant!" which is a common vampire lore.Although Summer is immune to sunlight,she says it still does hurt mildly,only when in direct exposure,however she does seem to mind the pain.

Like most vampires,she fears a wooden stake.In "Marcelee" she went running into hiding when Ash threatened to stick into to her heart,which he was going to do to Marshall.Despite her being downright afraid of the stake,she sacrificed her life for Marceline and Marshall Lee,asking Ash to kill her instead.However after she comes back to life,stating it wouldn't kill her because she used to be human.

Relationships Edit

Main article:Summer's relationships

Quotes Edit

See Summer/Quotes

Episode appearancesEdit

Major appearances Edit

  • "Foxy Roxy"
  • "Dark Desires"
  • "The Lichs Wrath"
  • "Marcelee"
  • "So what?"
  • "Carodil"
  • "Ricky"

Minor appearances Edit

  • "Marcy and Marshy"
  • "Princess Christmas"
  • "Spiral the Dial"

Mentioned Edit

  • "All of the places" (Indirectly by Finn)
  • "Me and you"

Summer's songs Edit

  • "Bad little Girl"
  • "Fang Gang theme"
  • "Marshall is so annoying"

Trivia Edit

  • Summer appeared as a powerpuff girl and a regular human in the animated short.She was the only character (aside from Roxy) that appeared in it. The animated short took place 1000 years before the series,and she died because of Roxy throwing her off a cliff and than invading the world. Although she stated she was in the wreckage of the Mushroom war when she was younger, than why was she in Roxy's takeover? But the mushroom war also took place 1000 years ago in the past too. Although the short is not considered canon to the series. If this is not true and it is canon, than Summer does not recount her past,and mistakes the Mushroom war as actually when Roxy took over the world,and she was reborn as a vampire instead of being bitten by one.
  • Her hair is the hardest to work with and animate for Summer.
  • Summer is right handed.
  • Ironically,she is immune to sunlight, and her name happens to be Summer,and the season Summer is the sunniest season of them all.
  • Although she is immune to sunlight,in "Carodil" she started melting when exposed to it mysteriously.However,later in the episode when she was exposed to it she didn't.
  • She has a male counterpart named Sam.
  • It is suggested that she was not originally a vampire by the fact that she has bite marks on her neck.
  • Summer's last name was inspired by the milk company,Neilson.
  • Summer's outfit was designed by NikkiStandlee on DeviantArt.

Appearances in other media Edit

  • She is normally is always seen throughout the television series The Powerpuff Girls,suggestion it may be her second show.
  • She appeared quickly in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi at one of their concerts,annoyed with their performance.
  • She is a playable character in 'The Mathamatical Adventure'.
  • She was an NPC,Fusion and Nano in Fusion Fall.

Storyline analysis Edit

  • Summer appeared at the Princess dinner,although she is not royal,Its unknown why she did however.

Gallery Edit


References Edit


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