"Sweet Dreams"
Season 3, Episode 18
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"The Dragon's Lair"

Sweet Dreams is the eighteenth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Finn has an outer body experience and enters his friends dreams.


Finn and Jake go to bed after another day of adventure. Finn is in his dream, but sees he is in a green striped room with one brown door. He decides to open the door and suddenly arrives out of his body. Finn smiles when he sees a portal to Jake's dream. Finn enters and finds himself in a forest. He then sees Jake riding Lady in the sky, but to his surprise there are more than one Lady's. Jake sees Finn and lands on the ground and asks him to hop on a Lady.

Finn hestitates but decides to join him. However suddenly a giant Squirrel emerges from the ground and attacks Finn and Jake. Finn panics while he sees that Jake is riding Lady (and is wearing a pilot uniform) who shoots rainbow bullets from her horn. Finn doesn't know what to and ends up flying out of the dream and is sent immediately into BMO's dream.

Finn finds himself in the Tree Fort and sees a humanoid boy looking like BMO playing on the floor. He then hears a teenage girl's voice shouting at the boy that he stole her football. She also resembles BMO. The boy BMO says he hasn't and that he is playing video games. Finn watches more closely and sees the boy BMO playing on a Finn-shaped computer with a Jake-themed joystick. Finn looks weird and slowly steps out of the front door.

He is outside the dream world again and decides to go back to his own dream. However he is stopped by King Worm who says he has to visit more dreams, for the fun of it. Finn didn't trust him, but then thought what harm it could do if he visits some more dreams. King Worm takes Finn to the Candy Castle where PB is sleeping and Finn enters her dream.

Inside of the dream he sees PB working on an experiment, however he can't clearly see what it is. When he takes a closer look he sees a minature version of the Candy Kingdom only with a dome protecting it. PB then says, that in this way no one will cause harm to the Candy Kingdom anymore and laugh hysterically. Finn then watches outside the window and sees that the kingdom already is completely destroyed and that there is only one tower standing in which PB managed to survive. Finn quickly exists the dream. 

Finn sneaks through the corridors of the Candy Castle and follows Peppermint Butler who was getting a glass of milk. When Peps fell asleep Finn went into his dream and saw that he was at a party. However he didn't recognize the place. He then saw Peppermint Butler partying with Hunson Abadeer, Death, Abraham Lincoln and Ogdoad. They all commented that he made the 8th Shadow Realm a really awesome realm. Finn didn't really get it but King Worm already came to take him away, because dreams of people like him shouldn't be interfered.

King Worm instead brought him to the forest where LSP was sleeping. Finn said he didn't want to enter her dream. King Worm asked why and Finn answered that it probably would be really gross. King Worm says he will take a look ahead but immediately returns and agrees that they have to move on.

They arrive at Marceline's dream which Finn enters immediately. He find himself in a red chamber with a grand master bed shaped like a heart and many rose leafs on it. Marceline was lying on the bed wearing a Japanese school girl outfit. The bathroom door opened and steam came out of it. Out of the steam walked Bonnie, wearing a similar costume. PB then jumps on the bed (now only Finn's face is seen) while Finn looks very interested and surprised to it. King Worm tells him they really need to go because it's almost dawn.

They head towards the Tree Fort but pass the Ice Kingdom. Finn says he wants to see something of the Ice King. They enter and get chased by an awake Gunter, but luckily they jump into Ice King's dream before he caught them. Finn finds himself at the top of a water slide made out of ice. For him is a line of Gunters with Ice King standing last in line. Ice King says to put on some swimming gear (as he himself is wearing a speedo). The penguins slide off the slide and Ice King is up now. But instead of going alone he pulls Finn with him. Ice King shouts that this is the best dream ever. King Worm appears on Finn's shoulder and says that he has to return to his own dream now. Finn agrees and they poof out of Ice King's dream leaving the Ice King sad alone.

Finn returns to his own dream and wakes up. His body was fresh as it did sleep. Finn then tells Jake that he had an awesome dream that he went to other dreams with King Worm and even visited Jake's dream. However King Worm then rises from the ground and attacks Finn who dies in an instant. Jake is about to get splattered when he suddenly sees the Cosmic Owl protecting him and then wakes up. Jake knew it was a precognition dream but said "Whatever" and went back to sleep.


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  • Snail is seen in the line of the slide in Ice King's dream.
  • The episode is based on a similar SpongeBob SquarePants episode.
  • This episode marks the third appearance of the Squirrel, as well as King Worm's.
  • This episode marks the first time that Finn is really interested in adult stuff.

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