"Sweet Revenge"
Season 3, Episode 5
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"The Genie Council"
"Shining Quartz"

Sweet Revenge is the fifth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Dark Princess kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, only to lure Marceline to her.


In the Ice Kingdom, Dark Princess pays a visit to her only friend, aside from her wolf, the Ice King. They chit-chat a bit about their lives until Dark Princess suddenly drops the topic that she really wants to kill Marceline. Ice King, caring about Marcy, says he doesn't approve of that. Dark Princess asks if Ice King knows much about Marcy and Ice King nods yes. Dark Princess then asks what the thing Marcy loves most is. Ice King then simply answers that Marcy currently is in a relationship with Princess Bubblegum, his former girlfriend.

Dark Princess thanks Ice King and says she has to leave. When Dark Princess leaves Ice King thinks he might've did something wrong. But then he hears something break in the kitchen and thinks it is Gunter and head to the kitchen.

At the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum is just brushing her hair when suddenly her room turns very dark. Bubblegum turns around, but her reflecting in the mirror keeps standing, and it slowly turns into Dark Princess. Bubblegum is startled when she turns back. Dark Princess then reaches out for Bubblegum and pulls her into the mirror and Bubblegum lands in the Dark Castle. Dark Princess immediately throws Bubblegum into the prison and keeps her restained there. 

Marceline goes to the Candy Castle to meet up with Bonnie, but instead encounters Finn and Jake on her way to it. She asks why the boys are in such a hurry. Finn tells that Bubblegum has been kidnapped again, so they draw the conclusion Ice King might've done it. Marceline says she will join them on their way to Ice King. However when they arrive they only see Ice King sitting in his chair eating potato chips. Finn and Jake barge at the Ice King but Marcy stops them. She says that he doesn't have Bonnie. Ice King, already confused by what was happening, says he might know where Bonnie is. Jake grabs Ice King by his color and Finn demands an answer. Ice King tells that he might've have spoken to Dark Princess and told that Marcy and Bonnie are in a relationship.

Marcy says Finn and Jake to stay back, as she doesn't want them to be involved in this mess and flies off. Marceline arrives at the Unknown Lands and enters the Dark Castle. There she encounters Dark Princess and says she wants Bonnie back. Dark Princess laughs and says she fell right into her trap. Bonnie then gets dropped down from the ceiling and chained with chuckles with chains that hold her in the air. She now only wears a dark purple short dress. Dark Princess says she will display a new ability she taught herself. She floats up and enters the body of Bonnie.

Marceline is then forced to fight Bonnie. After first only evading attacks from Bonnie she eventually finds the courage to fight back. She eventually manages to grab the arms of Bonnie, so she can't punch and push her against the wall. She then gives her a kiss on the mouth which drives Dark Princess out of Bonnie's body. Marceline holds the unconscious Bonnie in her arms as she kicks Dark Princess knock out. Marceline quickly flies from the Unknown Lands to the Candy Castle. Bonnie awakens and Marcy told her what has happened. They joke a bit about it and laugh. Marceline also makes a comment that the dress does suit her very well.


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  • Snail can be seen behind Ice King's chair when Finn, Jake and Marcy visit him.
  • The scene where Dark Princess appears in Bonnie's mirror might have been taken from the movie Mirror.

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