"Symphonic Wedding"
Season 3, Episode 21
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"My Girl and her Cat"
"Emit Erutnevda"

Symphonic Wedding is the twenty-first episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Viola gets married with Shelby, but when Finn, Jake, T.V. and Kim Kil Whan take him out for a bachelor party he's gone missing and duo the group's hangover they have trouble finding him.


Finn, Jake, T.V. and Kim Kil Whan wake up in the library without any clue of what had happened the night before. Turtle Princess passes by and Finn asks her why they are here. Turtle Princess says passed out here after randomly entering the library, but she was too tired to wake them up. The guys recall they were celebrating that Shelby and Viola were getting married, however Shelby is gone. Kim Kil Whan then finds a note attatched to T.V.'s back which is a receipt for an evening breakfast at the Breakfast Kingdom.

The guys quickly hurry over to the Breakfast Kingdom where Jake gets a call from Lady. She asks where they are because Viola thinks her wedding is going to be ruined, as Shelby isn't present yet. Jake calms Lady at ease by saying that they are having breakfast at the Breakfast Kingdom. Lady sighs but says to be back soon.

Finn found another clue from a random breakfast person, who said that they indeed were having an evening breakfast here but they were with five of them. Finn concludes that Shelby was with them at evening breakfast. He takes another look at the receipt and sees they had breakfast at 9 PM. They left at 6 PM. Toast Princess then runs to Finn and gives him a duck breakfast sculpture. Finn asks why, on which he gets the reply that they promised they would buy one for Choose Goose.

When the team hurries to Choose Goose, a shadow appears and asks Toast Princess where they are headed. A frightened Toast Princess tells them the direction. The group arrives at Choose Goose and give him the sculpture and ask why they had to buy this for him. Choose Goose laughs and says a weird riddle: "Unexpected, misplaced, and more negatives. Yet always got you back." he giggles and gives them a backscrapper. Kim Kill Whan questions what to do with this, but T.V. grabs the thing and scratches his back and tells they probably bought it because of this reason.

Jake then suddenly notices that Finn's bag has been gone this whole time. Finn now notices too and sighs guessing that Shelby is in his bagpack. They then think who would steal a bag, and go to the Ice Kingdom. There they knock on Ice King's door and ask them where his bag is. Ice King knows of nothing but asks where they need it for. Jake tells that his daughter is getting married, and her fianceé is in the bag. Ice King is angry because he didn't get invited to the wedding, and is not going to give any clues unless he can attend the wedding. Jake says he may and Ice King tells that Gunter saw the five fighting some mega bees around 7 PM and that one stole Finn's bag and flew towards the honey tree.

With Ice King, the four went to the honey tree where they saw the bag hanging in the tree. However they couldn't reach it. T.V. figured that's the reason where the backscratcher was for. Jake then said they have stretchy powers, but Kim Kill Wang figures that they must have been to drunk to remember that. Jake gets the bag out of the tree and gives it to Finn, however Shelby isn't inside. They then figure that Shelby was with them at the breakfast so it couldn't be possible.

PB then phones Finn and says that things are getting messy at the wedding and they need to come now. Finn says to wait just a few more minutes and hangs up. They then all agree to go back to the Candy Cathedral and postpone the wedding to search Shelby. However at the entrance of the Candy Kingdom they encounter Squirrel who is holding a violin.

Jake says that it is his violin. And Kim Kill Whan concludes that Shelby is in it. Squirrel says that Jake has to kill himself else Shelby won't be released. Jake laughs and says that he is with his family. Jake transforms into the Jakesuit around Finn. T.V. becomes a big shield for Finn and Kim Kill Whan wraps himself around Finn's sword to make it more powerful with his horn. Finn storms at Squirrel and slays him, leaving him hurt on the ground. Ice King freezes him afterwards. They free Shelby and hurry to the cathedral. There they quickly dress in a suit and bring Shelby to the altar. Lady is happy and kisses Jake and the wedding starts. [wedding vows skip] Shelby and Viola kiss and everyone is happy, Ice King even dropping a tear.


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  • Snail is seen among the stuff of Choose Goose.
  • This episode is a parody of the famous movie The Hangover.
  • Viola and Shelby do share the same interest of playing the viola.

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