"Taffy Tower's Secret"
Season 3, Episode 3
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Thank You Glob"
"The Genie Council"

Taffy Tower's Secret is the third episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Gene tells Finn and Jake of a secret in Taffy Tower.


Finn and Jake just finished another task from Princess Bubblegum when they suddenly see the Taffy Tower in the distance. Jake remembers that Gene once mentioned that he had constructed the Taffy Tower when he locked up the Ring of Doing Things. Finn and Jake decide to visit Gene to discover what the Taffy Tower is.

They arrive at the manor where Gene was just about the leave. Finn quickly asks what the Taffy Tower exactly is. Gene explains that it is a highly secured tower that doesn't allow anyone inside who is evil. Gene afterwards says that Finn and Jake also aren't allowed to enter, since there is a powerful artifact in the tower which can do things that you don't want to know about. Jake then says he already explained once about the Ring of Doing Things. Gene becomes red and quickly says that they can't enter it and flies away.

Finn then suggests to head back home, but Jake says it might be fun to enter the Taffy Tower. Finn immediately says that isn't allowed from Gene . Jake says that Gene almost wanted them to enter the tower. Finn asked in what way. Jake said that Finn has to learn to read between the lines. Finn and Jake then go to the Taffy Tower.

They stand before the door which opened on command. Finn then says they aren't going to the room where the ring is located. Jake agrees and wants to explore the rest of the tower. Jake discovers a chamber filled with maple syprup coffins. The room was filled with several kind of species, so Jake called Finn over. Finn was amazed and looked if there was a human amongst them. Then he found a human boy of his age locked inside of a coffin. He released the human who then slowly woke up. Finn mentioned that this is the first other human he has seen besides Susan Strong. The boy wakes up and introduces himself as Axl.

Finn then asks if Axl wants to go on adventure with him and his brother and he agrees. They first go to the forest and fight some maniac animals, afterwards they go to climb a mountain and finally relax on the grass. But during the activities Axl secretly uses magic to succeed in it. When lying on the grass Axl asks if they can go back to the Taffy Tower, so the three go there. Axl wants to know what is behind the hard door, and Jake says that the Ring of Doing Things is there. Jake forms his hand into a key to open the door but before he puts the key in Gene stops him with a spell. Gene says that Axl isn't a human and uses a fire spell on him causing his suit to melt and reveal it is Magic Man. Finn is angry at Magic Man so he quickly grabs him and throws him out of the closest window. Magic Man lies criple on the ground but then a smoke cloud appears and Magic Man stands up and laughs as he flies away.

Gene says he is very dissapointed in Finn and Jake but glad that it is over. Then he suggest to eat some Ice Creams and summons three of them and gives one to Finn and Jake. They laugh and leave the Taffy Tower. But Magic Man appears near the entrance and laughs when suddenly an anvil fall on him (summoned by Gene).


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Gene
  • Susan Strong (mentioned)
  • Betty (cameo on background)
  • Snail


  • This episode conforms there are more humans that apparently are still alive.
    • Betty also appears to be alive, in Adventure Time Origins Betty also wished to be kept alive until Simon remembered her again.
  • Snail is seen in one of the maple syrup coffins.
  • In the Taffy Tower is a board saying "Supported by Princess Bubblegum" with a picture of PB giving thumbs up, meaning she agreed with the building.

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