This page is a list of the many jobs that Tai has held or is currently holding.


Like Finn and Jake, Tai is an adventurer. He loves going to new places, and, like any other Jungle Person, tends not to stay in one place for too long. This quality of him earned him the nickname of Wanderer before his real name was revealed.

Bounty HunterEdit

In "Roommate", when Finn asks Tai what he used to do for money, he says that he used to be a bounty hunter but quit because he felt like it was immoral to kill people for money.

Worker at Lola's Home for AnimalsEdit

Soon after moving into the Tree Fort, Attie took him to Lola's animal shelter to see if she would hire him. Sure enough, she did. After he enrolled in a wizard school, he changed his work schedule so that he only has to work on Saturdays. It is unknown if he resigned before leaving Ooo or not.


Tai is a very good at archery, a skill he used to use for bounty hunting but now only uses for adventuring and being a hero. In "Lightning Sword", he tells Jake that his dad was the person that gave him his bow (and probably his quiver of arrows as well though this is not specified).


Like Finn and Jake, Tai enjoys helping people, especially his loved ones. He uses his skills to slay evil and rescue those in danger. He probably started being a hero shortly before he stopped being a bounty hunter.


According to a statement made by Tai in "A New Home", he used to be an architect. He apparently still has the skills of an architect and was able to lead Finn, Jake, BMO, and NEPTR in adding more rooms to the Tree Fort.

Student at Wut-Wut HighEdit

In the alternate timeline from the episode "High School", Tyler was a student at Wut-Wut High along with the rest of Ooo's teenage inhabitants.


Tai served as Attie's chauffeur to get her home for her surprise party in "Sweet Sixteen". He apparently has held the job before because when asked by Finn and Marceline to do that, he said "Sure! I used to drive people places all the time!"


When first asked to be on Jake's team in "Prank Battle", Tai was reluctant, but he agreed when Jake told him that he would pay him twenty bucks to do it.

Wizard StudentEdit

Tai signed up for one semester at a wizard school in the episode "Wizard School" to learn the basics in magic use. That semester has ended by "Demon Dining", as confirmed in "The Survey".


In "The Survey", Tai joined OSO (Official Surveyors of Ooo) as a temporary, Monday-through-Friday job to help him earn money so that he can "get back on his feet" after leaving wizard school.


In "War", Tai joined the ranks of the Candy-Vampire Army to fight in the Great Kingdom War. He sacrificed his life for the sake of Ooo in "The Return of the Lich", using all of the magic inside of him to create a protective barrier around the army that would protect them from the newly-formed army of the Lich.


Tai and Marceline get married in one of her prophetic dreams from "Eternity".


In Marceline's multiple prophetic dreams from the episode "Eternity", they got married and had four children: Josh, Evey, Simon, and Luna.

Comfort CounselorEdit

In "Tai the Vampire", Tai took a job as a "comfort counselor" to comfort new arrivals in the Land of the Dead and be their friend. He quit when he finally made his decision to leave Ooo and continue wandering. This is a reference to the play The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, in which a man called the Comfort Counselor comforts the players that get out.


As shown in "Five Old Graybles", Tai participated in the Dangerous Daredevil Showdown, a deadly test of bravery that took place in his home-land, as a young teen.


  • ACat actually made Tai have so many jobs as a sort of recurring joke. In fact, there was originally supposed to be an episode called "Tai's Stress", similar to the Regular Show episode "Skip's Stress", where Tai takes so many jobs that he becomes too stressed to do them, so Finn and Jake do them for him. This concept could possibly be recycled for a season four episode because Tai will be returning in that season.

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