"Thank You Glob"
Season 3, Episode 2
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Taffy Tower's Secret"

Thank You Glob is the second episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


It's Thanksgiving and Marceline invites Princess Bubblegum's family over to the Nightosphere. And right on that moment Bonnie's world-traveling mother comes to pay a visit.



Finn, Jake, Lady and Bubblegum are talking with each other in the garden, when suddenly Finn asks what PB is going to do for Thanksgiving. He immediately asks afterwards that she can join them if she has nothing planned. PB thanks them but says she, and her family, were invited to come to the Nightosphere. Jake then says it was going to be very crowded at their place anyways. Aside from the four of them also their children, Lady's parents, Jermaine and even Ice King and his family were invited to come. Lady then asks if PB's mother is coming too. Jake says surprised that she has a mother, which also surprised Finn. PB chuckles and says its her adoptive mother, as she was found somewhere. She actually has been more of a sister than a mother she says. Finn then says they have to go prepare stuff and such, and they leave.

Bubblegum returns to her castle when she suddenly sees the Cotton Candy Queen in front of her talking with Peppermint Butler and Earl of Lemongrab. She turns around and hugs PB. Bonnie asks if she already met Lemongrab and Peppermint Butler. She says she has, and finds them nice people. Bonnie then asks if she is joining Thanksgiving in the Nightosphere. CCQ says she would love to go along. Bonnie then asks if everyone is ready to go, and they all nod. Peppermint Butler then makes the portal to the Nightosphere and enter it. They arrive in front of Hunson 's house and knock.

Marceline opens the door and welcomes the four inside. Marceline says her father and his demon are preparing dinner already. Bonnie then says she hasn't met her sister yet, so goes inside the dinner room to meet her. Peppermint Butler says it has been a long time since he saw Hunson. Hunson says they should play a game of golf sometime again. Lemongrab then greets Hunson and admires his decoration of the house, and also how he rules his empire. Hunson blushes and says he has some help from his daughter. Demon then shouts that dinner should be ready. Everyone takes their place at the table, when CCQ asks a sudden question. She asks why they are actually dinning with them. Marceline chuckles and says that she and Bonnie are in a relationship. CCQ looks surprised and remarks that Bonnie didn't tell her that, and chuckles. Hunson then says they can eat whatever they want, and so the family starts eating.

During the meal Marceline asks CCQ how travelling around the world is, as she heard from Bonnie that that is what she does. CCQ says the world outside of Ooo is amazing. She met many other species, and saw amazing sights. Hunson then asks if she also had as husband, not that he is interested in a relationship or anything. CCQ answers she doesn't have anyone special, and also that she found Bonnie and raised her. She was just some liquid gum kept alive by the snow around her. CCQ asks Hunson if there's a woman in his life. Hunson answers that besides his daughter there is no one. His wife, and Marcy's mother, passed away a long time ago, not long after Marceline was born.

It was quiet until Lemongrab, almost shouted, that the food was really delicious. Not as good as his candy in Lemongrab but still very tasty. Everyone laughs, and they finish the dinner. Peppermint Butler and Demon are cleaning the table while the others went to the living room. Peppermint Butler says it really is a weird family she is in, but also a funny one. Demon chuckles and agrees. It also is a weird pairing; the sweetest princess of Ooo with the tomboy queen of the underworld. The two laugh and head into the kitchen. Meanwhile the family was watching television. After some time Demon and Peppermint Butler joined them too. Time passed and CCQ suggested that it was time to head back home. Bonnie agrees and asks Peppermint Butler to return them home. Peppermint Butler creates the portal again and motions everyone to step through. Bonnie gives Marcy a kiss and leaves.


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  • Frankly only the first Lemongrab attends the dinner, while the clone isn't even seen.
  • Snail is seen on the television screen.

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