"The Dragon's Lair"
Season 3, Episode 17
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Scream Queens"
"Sweet Dreams"

The Dragon's Lair is the seventeenth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Flame Princess takes Finn on adventure to find a treasure.


Finn is bored out of his mind because Jake was having a day out with Lady and the kids. However the doorbell rang and Flame Princess stood in the doorway. Without saying anything FP dragged Finn along to a mysterious cave near FP's home.

Finn asked what was going on, and FP answered that she heard a scream coming from the cave last night and she wanted to check out whom it came from. Finn, still feeling a bit uneasy after their break-up, hestitates to join her, but FP convinces him to go along. Once inside they walk through a long path with torches on the wall to lighten the path. Both of the two didn't say much during the walk until they reached a door. FP wanted to open it, but it didn't have a handle. Finn instead drew his sword and cut the door in half and kicked it away, allowing the two to continue.

However in the next room it was pitch black, the room only being lightened by the light radiating from FP. She said to be careful, as there may be traps in here. Finn looked behind him, and when he turned back FP was gone. Finn was worried and then heard a scream. Finn shouted out for FP whose voice could be heard from down below. Finn walked carefully, putting his sword in front of him to feel the ground. He soon felt no ground and bent over to look into the gap. At the bottom he saw the light from Flame Princess. FP said it was safe to jump, as the ground was soft. Finn shouted he would come and jumped down landing next to FP.

The two continued and reached a huge door, lightened by two torches. The door was open so they entered the room. Inside was a little piece of ground which then split up in three stairs. One left, one mid and one right. The outer stairs reached each other at the end of the chamber while the middle one went high up to a nest. FP and Finn nodded to each other and climbed the middle stair. At the top they found three baby dragons sleeping. In the middle of them was a skeleton with the hair of a girl, and some spit out clothing.

FP concluded that the skeleton had to be from the scream she heard last night. Finn agreed. Finn said it may be safer to return again but FP spotted a beautiful necklace made out of many gemstones on a baby dragon's head. She wanted to get it but Finn shouted, a little too hard, no to do it. It woke the baby dragon's up, who then began to scream. Not soon after the mother dragon flew through the hole at the ceiling past FP. The knockback was high which caused her to fall into the water, letting her flame fade. Finn drew his sword and attacked the mother dragon.

After some dodging and attacking, Finn managed to cut the belly of the dragon open causing it to fall down in the water. The baby dragons flew down to their mother to check on her. Finn quickly grabbed FP's hand and dragged her out of the cave. Once outside Finn said that was pretty fun. FP commented that she didn't get the necklace though. However Finn grabbed the necklace out of his backpack that he stole when the baby dragons checked on their mother. FP thanked him and gave him a kiss on his lips. They both blushed and FP said she needed to return to her kingdom again and left, leaving Finn behind surprised by the kiss.


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  • Snail is seen next to FP in the pitch black room.
  • The cave is probably located in Mountain Man, as that is the mountain close to the Marauder Village which currently is FP's home.

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