"The Genie Council"
Season 3, Episode 4
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Taffy Tower's Secret"
"Sweet Revenge"

The Genie Council is the fourth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Gene gets called to the Genie Council to explain why he is so inactive.


Finn and Jake just came back from fighting some monsters and returned at the Tree Fort. Upon arrival BMO walked towards them showing that they got an inventation to attend a trial against Gene as witnesses. Finn and Jake look confused at each other but decide to accept it. They only have to lick the envelope to teleport to the court.

They arrive in a giant court room filled with people, among them being; Marceline, Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess, Choose Goose, A Banana Guard, Princess Bubblegum and Starchy. Finn and Jake took place and waited for the trial to begin. First the Grand Master Wzard appeared in the court behind the desk. From the side Gene was walking in alongside with his lawyer, Lawyer Wizard. There was some mumbling in the court room until Genesis said to be silent.

Gene was said to be too inactive and has to proof to the council that he actually has been doing something recently. The Grand Master Wizard asked what he has been doing all this time, as his last recorded owner was more than 900 years ago. Gene simply answered he had been busy with other things, but he has preformed magic since and not only for himself.

GMW asked Lawyer Wizard to take the word. Lawyer Wizard said that the first witness is Ice King. Ice King was summoned on the bench and was asked questions how Gene did it. However Ice King replied negative, as he in the end didn't get what he wanted and winked at Bubblegum. The next witness was a Banana Guard who also complained that only one coin was added to his paycheck. LSP told about her getting the new stuff she wanted but also about the insults he made because of her eating problems and sexy lumps. Everyone looked away in digust when she showed the lumps though. Next was Choose Goose but his retarted answers didn't really help.

The sitting took a break so Finn and Jake hurried to Gene and Lawyer Wizard. Finn said that it wasn't going very great. Lawyer Wizard agreed and said that Gene was being too nice to those people. Finn and Jake looked confused so Lawyer Wizard explained that a genie is supposed to trick the owners and take their wish to seriously. Finn and Jake understood it and the sitting continued.

Next was Marceline who described the fun she had by teasing Gene. When Gene heard that he slapped against his face saying he will be stuck in the Wizard Jail forever. When Starchy told his story all hope was lost. He gave the shovel away to Starchy.

Next was Bubblegum who said that she didn't wish anything, because there is no such thing as magic, but she did enjoy her time with Gene as they have the same interest, although he was a genie which scientificly isn't possible. Last up were Finn and Jake who were allowed to witness together. They told all the horrible things about Gene; that he was coresponsible for the birth of Lich, that he seperated Betty and Simon, that he did naughty things with Marceline, that he killed Magic Man's wife and that he kidnapped Jake. Lawyer Wizard gave them thumbs up while some people in the court room weren't amused, Marceline being the biggest one.

Grand Master Wizard then began to speak. He said that Gene has done good and bad things in his life as a genie and that much has happened. And because he still is being active in his own way he isn't guilty. However Grand Master Wizard wanted to make a change to the genie rules, so they can be nice to their owners too. Gene was happy and bro fisted Finn and Jake. Lawyer Wizard felt left out so he got one too. Marceline and Bubblegum then approached Gene and said they wanted to have a hard talk with him. Finn, Jake and Lawyer Wizard laughed as Gene was being dragged away.


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  • All the characters who got possession of Gene's Lava Lamp in "And Your Wish Is?" appear as witnesses in the trial.
  • Snail is seen on the bench in the court room, between the Banana Guard and Bubblegum to be precize.
  • It is further implied that Gene is older than 900 as he already looked as an adult back then.
  • An original character, Genesis, was planned to appear along with Grob Gob Glob Grod in the council but were scrapped.

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