"Visiting Elf Kingdom"
Season 2, Episode 2
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"No More Adventure"

"Visiting Elf Kingdom" is second the episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Jake visit the Elf Kingdom to find Elf Prince a new girlfriend.


Elf Prince is floating around in the Land of Ooo when suddenly Finn and Jake spot him and head over to him and ask what was wrong. Elf Prince says he has trouble in finding a new girlfriend, and seeing as his parents want it so badly. Finn and Jake suggest to go with him to the Elf Kingdom to look for a sexy lady. The three head to the Elf Kingdom where they go to the mall to check out some girls.

They see a girl with a nice body, hair and clothes near the fountain and encourage Elf Prince to talk with her. Elf Prince approaches her but when she turns around he sees that she has only one arm, he says he mistook her for someone else and quickly hurried back and told it to Finn and Jake. They saw a tall girl with a dress near a shop and Elf Prince did a second attempt. He said hey but saw she had huge ears, but tried to ignore it. He tried to talk with her but she only replied short and softly. Elf Prince quickly got bored and went back telling the two again what happened. They did a last attempt with a girl sitting on a bench. Elf Prince went over to her and introduced himself the two got in a conversation. Finn and Jake nodded at each other and gave a bro-fist.

Elf Prince said he was going with Nymphia, the girl, to the park. Finn and Jake smiled and the two left. Elf Prince and Nymphia were having a great time while Finn and Jake were spying on them. What they did find very odd was that Elf Prince was constantally buying things for her. They heard Elf Prince say that he wanted her to meet his parents. They headed to the castle and EP introduced Nymphia to his parents who were very happy. So happy that they didn't even notice she was stealing from them.

When Elf Prince brought Nymphia home he confronted Finn and Jake who said she was evil. They explained that she only wanted to date Elf Prince for his money and fortune. She was even stealing jewerly when they were in the castle. Elf Prince believed them but was disappointed, he then asked to alert him if Nymphia was stealing again. When EP took Nymphia to his castle again he turned around giving Nymphia the oppertunity to steal. Finn and Jake then attacked her and Elf Prince saw what she was doing. He demended to give him back all of his stuff and he threw her out of the castle. Elf Prince thanked the guys for giving him hope that he can find a new girlfriend. Finn and Jake say he doesn't need to thank them. Finn then suggests to play some tree jumping, the boys agree and they head outside.


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  • Snail is seen on top of the fountain in the mall.