"Warriors of Nature"
Season 3, Episode 9
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Candy Kingdom's Backup"

Warriors of Nature is the ninth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


A surprise connection between Jungle Princess and Huntress Wizard leads to a good story.


Jungle Princess and Huntress Wizard are fighting each other while running through the forest, which turns out to be a friednly training afterwards. Forest Wizard appears and says that the girls are doing very well. Forest Wizard tells that he has two missions for them. The first mission is that there is a secret organization in the forest that is causing troubles to the order of the forest. Next to that there is someone who wanders through the forest and beats up any animal that is passing by. He supposly works for the secret organization.

Huntress Wizard and Jungle Princess take the task to stop the organization. Forest Wizard leaves with the excuse that he has a club meeting. The girls must find a way to find information and begin to search through the forest. They then hear fighting noises coming from an area and check it out, there they see Finn and Jake training and they walk up to them. They ask if one of them knows about an animal who beats everyone up or a secret animal organization. Finn responds by saying that he once entered a high tree which has a club of evil animals in it. Jake adds that they spoke Mr. Fox earlier who got a beating, and that he probably is home now. Huntress Wizard suggests that she goes to the tree while Jungle Princess goes to Mr. Fox's house.

Jungle Princess arrives at Mr. Fox's house and knocks on his door. Mr. Fox says the door is open so she enters. Jungle Princess asks if Mr. Fox knows who or what attacked him. Mr. Fox sighs and says a stag beat him up earlier near the high tree in the middle of the forest. Jungle Princess thanks him for his cooperation and leaves rushing towards the high tree. Mr. Fox on the other hand goes to his bed and cries a little.

Huntress Wizard in the meantime found the high tree and begins the climb it. However she is attacked by two woodpeckers. Huntress Wizard manages to shoot the woodpeckers with her arrows causing them to fall down. She continues and find the opening to the tree. She cannot enter it but instead uses a rope arrow to break the tree. Jungle Princess just arrives at the scene and sees the tree falling. When it hits the ground many animals exit the tree and begin to attack the girls. Huntress Wizard shouts to Jungle Princess that she must search for the other enemy. Huntress Wizard continues to fight the animals.

Jungle Princess passes the half chopped of tree, but the Stag appears from behind it. Jungle Princess senses him and shoots her ivy's at him and grabs his hoofs. The Stag then simply puts his hoofs off and want to fight Jungle Princess. In an intense battle Jungle Princess manages to get the upper hand and defeat the Stag and take him into custody by chaining his hands with firm ivy chuckles. Huntress Wizard defeated every animal except Owl and grabs him at his collar. He asks Jungle Princess to cuff him too.

The girls return to the spot where they meet with Forest Wizard who then appears out of a tree. The girls told him that the two evil-doers were caught. Forest Wizard smiles and opens a portal that will kill the two. Huntress Wizard and Jungle Princess throw the Stag and the Owl in it, killing the two. The girls then celebrate on completing yet another mission to make the nature safe again.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • The Owl
  • Lenny the Beaver
  • The Porcupine
  • The Woodpecker Twins
  • Mr. Fox
  • Stag
  • Snail


  • Snail appears under Mr. Fox's bed when he starts crying.
  • This is the second time The Owl and his gang appeared since "Up a Tree".
  • Mr. Fox's house was repaired too, although you can see there was a hole in it. The depression spot is still carved in his bed too.
  • This marks the Stag's third appearance.

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