"You're So Hot"
Season 2, Episode 17
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Discovering Unknown Lands"
"Lady and the Kids"

"You're So Hot" is the seventeenth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Finn gets jealous because other guys flirt with Flame Princess, causing trouble between them.


Finn and Flame Princess just returned from a hot stone massage in the Fire Kingdom. Finn says that he can endure the heat much better then their first encounter but his feet still hurt from stepping on the hot stones accidentally. FP chuckles and Finn says he's going to get his feet under the crane at the pomp further up. FP says she will look around a bit. Suddenly a knight from the Fire Kingdom encounters Flame Princess and starts to flirt with her, calling her hot and spicy. Flame Princess is flustered but forgets to mention she's already dating. Finn sees what is going on and rushes to FP saying that they should go. The knight is speechless and is left behind disappointed.

Finn and Flame Princess walk through the Candy Kingdom, so they could do some grocery's for dinner tonight. While walking several people whistle at Flame Princess which makes her flusters her again and she begins to lighten up hurting Finn's hand. FP apologizes but Finn says its okay, but is very annoyed. They picked out some stuff for dinner tonight and wait in the line. A candy person then says FP could go before him, and Finn follows her but gets stopped by the candy person. The candy person says that he can't push in, Finn, annoyed, says he's with the girl and the candy person lets him through. Finn quickly says to get back to her house. After Finn dropped her home Jake come to pick Finn up. Finn asks if FP will be okay, and she nodds. Jake and Finn leave.

Jake sees that something is bothering Finn so he asks what's wrong. Finn says that people constantly are flirting with Flame Princess. Jake says that he should be proud to be with her. Finn says he wants to go back to check the situation. Meanwhile FP is preparing dinner outside when the fire knight arrives again. He greets her friendly, as FP does too in return. FP remembers him from before, the knight says he didn't had a chance to introduce himself. He then says his name is Han D. Some and says he is a knight in Flame King's palace, although a weak one. FP comments he doesn't look weak at all, and they laugh. Finn and Jake are spying the two from behind the bushes and Finn gets angry. FP says she is going to head inside for a minute. Han then grabs a walky talky and says that he will become the prince in no time. Finn overhears this and gets angry. Without thinking he storms out of the bushes and attacks Han, while Jake slaps his own forehead. FP then walks out of her house and gets angry. She bursts out fire to make the two guys stop, with Han being amazed by her power. FP walks to Finn and angry says that he shouldn't be so jealous. Finn says that he only flirts with her so he can become the prince. FP asks if that is true and Han admits. FP treatens him to get out quickly and he does. She turns back to Finn and asks why he was spying on them if  he isn't jealous. Jake then laughs and comments that she got him now. Finn apologizes. FP laughs and says she is happy that Finn cares about her.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Candy Person #24
  • Flame King (mentioned)
  • Snail


  • Snail is seen on the counter of the grocery store.
  • In this episode Flame Princess wears her light-yellow dress from her costume gallery.

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